The Reinvention of John Pariah (CWC Roleplay)

RP Title: Live & Die
CWC: The Ascension 2010
First Round Tournament Match
Vs Joey K

The Reinvention of John Pariah
Chapter Four: The Hierarchy is Born

Scene: O’Hare Airport. Chicago, Illinois

We fade in, while looking out an airplane window. The workers are bustling around

“Where are we going again?” the voice of John Pariah can be heard asking.

“I don’t remember the actual name dear. Some inbred Podunk town in the middle of nowhere.” The familiar voice of Tylene Graves responds kindly.

“Fuck.” Pariah responds as the workers finish loading the plane. “Seriously? Podunk? You have GOT to be shitting me!” he adds with a sigh-as the camera cuts into the airplane, and we see John Pariah and Tyelne Graves sitting next to each other-first class. “Does this place even have an airport?”

“No.” she says sadly, “We got to take a bus to get to the arena.” She adds quietly, as John looks shocked.



“Bus? As in, Greyhound?”

“Actually, Lion Tours.”

“….what in the bloody fuck is Lion Tours?” he asks.

“It’s…” Tylene starts to answer, but John cuts her off.

“..You know what, nevermind. Don’t answer that. Any idea how long the bus ride is gonna be?”

“2 and a half hours…” she says meekly.

“TWO AND A HALF? Sweet zombie Jesus! Good thing I brought a spare battery for my Droid.” Pariah exclaims, and then sighs and sinks into his chair. “Fuck this shit. I’m gonna take a nap.” He says, popping a pair of head phones in, and turning his Droid into airplane mode.

“John?” Tylene asks. “Can I talk to you?”


“What’s gonna happen now? I mean, after what happened tonight in Valparaiso, how much further is this going to go?” she asks playfully.

“What? The Hierarchy? Like I said in the ring babe, we are the elite of the elite, and the best of the best. We are the GREATEST faction of all time. We’re this generations Four Horsemen, and the nWo of 2010!” he adds with a smirk, as Tylene smiles.

“That’s true. So we’re going to move on and take over CWC now?”

“Sure babe, that trophy is mine!” he adds with a smirk.

“Say hon, where is Brian. Wasn’t he on this flight too?” she says-pointing to the seat across the aisle.”

“The plane has a bar between first class and coach. Remember when I took Brian to the bowling alley and he got plastered?”

“Wasn’t that the time he and Gein got wasted and started singing “My Humps” while you got pizza.”

“Haha! Yeah, then Norcia threw a shoe at him! HAHA!” he laughs, and smiles. “Good times. Good times.” He adds, as he pops the earbuds back in his ears. The music begins playing, as the stewardess begins to address the passengers with the regulatory safety precautions. Fade out.


Scene Two:
Break the [Fourth] Wall Down!
(aka: Kayfabe has once again been killed)

The scene resume in a hallway, backstage in the arena where CWC will be holding their show this week. John Pariah is talking with a producer, and drinking a bottle of Coke.

“Okay John. We want you to stand against this CWC banner, and cut one of your great promos on Joey K.” the producer says, as Pariah caps his drink, and sets it down on a stool off camera.

“So, you want me to stand here, and do a good old school promo on Joey K? Straight up? No gimmicks? Okay, I can do that.” He says, as he takes his place next to the interviewer.

“Action!” the producer calls.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the interviewer begins, “I’m standing here with the man who in just a few minutes, is going to go out to that ring and….”

“Well let me tell you something Mean Gene. Me, and all those Pariahmaniacs out there, are gonna be running wild man. When I lift Andre the Giant up above my head brother, and slam him down to the mat dude-all those Hulkamaniacs are gonna be runnin’ wild, and you know it brother!”

“Cut cut cut!” the producer exclaims, obviously, not very happy with Pariah’s homage to Hulk Hogan. Pariah laughs, and takes another drink of his Coke, while the producer yells incoherently. “Seriously John. You’re one of the elite of pro wrestling. This is some bullshit some 20something smark running an e-fed would be writing…” he says, as he and Pariah turn their heads slowly to the camera. Pariah winks and gets back into character.

“Okay, okay, okay.” John says. “I’m sorry. I’m just trying to have some fun here. After all, all the other crap I’ve been seeing from these CWC guys have been nothing but grade A sports entertainment bullshit. It’s time we livened the place up a bit.

“No John! No! this is a serious pro wrestling event. Hell, you’re doing the one thing you’ve been preaching about for months-you’re being too sports entertainment.”

“Alright Pedro, we’ll do it your way. Take two?”

“Take two!” he says, stepping off set. “Action!”

“Alrighty. Hold on a second!” he says, as he pulls a whistle out of his pocket. “Okay, ready?”

“Christ…yes. Action!”

Pariah blows the whistle. “Come on daddy daddy, RVD number one woooooo team Sabu greatest tag team in ECW daddy!” he exclaims blowing the whistle again. “Come on Daddy, gonna go get my ass kicked by Bealuah again daddy. Woooo team Rob Van Dam. He’s the whole fucking show daddy! Team Taz woooo Sabu’s gonna fall off the RAW stage daddy boy. Woooo extreme!” he says blowing the whistle again as th producer cuts him off.

“Thank you Mr. Pariah for channeling the great Bill Alfonso-but seriously now, can we just get on with the fucking promo?” the producer yells, as Pariah laughs.

“Okay man, seriously-third time’s the charm right?” he says, as he takes the microphone from the ring announcer. “Okay, cameraman-you got this? Good. Action!” he adds with a smirk. “See, they wanted me to come out and cut this huge long diatribe about having to wrestle Joey K in the first round of The Ascension. Well here’s the deal, I don’t care about Joey K. I’m going to run through opponent after opponent after opponent-until you see my name in the final brackets, and you see me holding that trophy up. I’m looking forward to either facing the great and awesome CWC Hardcore Champion-Noah Hanson next round-or getting a shot to knock that dreg Tyler Graves out again. So here’s the deal, Joey K? I’m going to knock you out, and than make you tap. Plain and simple. No bells, no whistles, nothing fancy-I’m just going to knock you right the fuck out!” he adds with a smirks. “The debate is over…the war has begun.” He adds sadistically-before leaving the frame.

“O…kay?” the producer asks. “Cu…”

“WAIT! I have one question!” Pariah exclaims, stepping back into frame. “Who the FUCK is Joey K?” he askes, as he smiles, shoving the mic in the camera mans chest, and walking out. The camera man turns toward a fake brick wall-made apparently of those cardboard bricks. Suddenly, Grayson Willis breaks them down-dressed as the Kool Aid Man.

“OHHHH YEEAHHH!!!!!” he says, as the producer yells “CUT!” and we fade to black.

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