boredom in a cell phone coffin

I’m going to do an excersize here called stream of consciousness. Strap in.

so im sitting here at work, bored to tears. its so slow and biring as piss.

so ive been going trogh some old pictures on my space today to kill the boredom, and ive grown very fond of reminiscing about the good ole days. i miss from the ashes so much. we havent had practice in forever. i also wqnt to move back to valparaiso, because i really miss hanging out with ryan and dorothy outside o practice.

im just tired of not doing anything. i wanted 2010 to be a big year for me and for th bqnd, and its not startjg off too snazzy. it sucks.

i also have so many other projects that i want to work on, movies, comics, and the like. i really wish that i had the time to do everything i want to do.

hearing a lesbian talk all lovely dovey to her partner over th phone is amazingly awkward.

my balls itch.

is there a reason that black people can NOT be considered rascist? seriously though. its amazing how ignorant some black people are, but theyre still not consodered rascist. fuckin coons.

im just rambling on. seriously hy dont those unrascist rascists speak proper english? or have real names? shaniqua is a bannana, not a person

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