stream of thought

im going to try another stream of thought blog. these always sound more interesting in my head.

i recently rooted my Droid, which is an interesting experience in and of itself-and officially made all my co workers jealous when they thought i had the 2.1 update. warranties are over rated anyways. its nice, and super fast-it’s like my droid is on speed. its fun.

work has been, workish. we just launched 2 new devices and a new service today. crazy. the LG Cosmos, which is a basic feature phone with a slide out qwerty. aimed at the youngin’s. pretty much the Samsung Intensity with an LG logo.

we also FINALLY launched the Motorola Devour, which is our third ANDROID device. It’s from Motorola (duh), and is running Android 1.6 (lame) with Motoblur. This basically ties all your social media into one giant clusterfuck on the home page-and rapes your battery life. it has a worse battery life than the Eris by HTC.

speaking of HTC, they just launched the Evo 4G over on Sprint, and I cant say im impressed. Sprint’s “4G” WiMax network isnt that great, and it only covers about the same amount of people that T-Mobile’s 3G Coverage does-if that..which if you’ve seen any coverage maps, is not alot. It looks pretty, and big-but Karen’s experience with her Eris has TOTALLY turned me off of HTC products in general. Ew.

What else can I think of? I’m not sure. it’s late..and im tired.

OH! I’m working on a screenplay again. The tentative title is “Omerta”, and it is about a person who married into the mob, and is betrayed-afterwards he comes back for vengence. I’m only so far into it, but its promising. Here’s the actual synop:

The Mariati Family are responsible for bringing organized crime back to the Windy City. They’ve ruled Chicago with such an iron fist-it would make Al Capone blush. Mikal Kasady is the step son of Adrian Mariati-a vicsious crime lord in Chicago, IL. Mikal has a sordid past of drug abuse, alcoholism, and gang activity. He married Adrian’s daughter, Sandra Mariati on Halloween 2007. Since then-the roller coaster ride that is The Mariati Family business has taken its toll on Mikal.

Adrian blames Mikal for the death of his daughter-who was killed during a deal with Columbian drug lords. It was Mikal’s idea to bring her along, and thus-his fault. So Adrian sets him up, and a year later, Kasady is sent on a large scale drug selling operation, only to be betrayed and murdered by his step father. However, a year later-Mariati’s henchmen are being picked off one by one, could Kasady be alive?

sounds pretty lame right?

current favorite bands: black market hero, wasp, rise against, immortal technique.

I recently had the chance to see Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day on Blu Ray, and HOLY SHIT! GO BUY IT NOW! its so awesome. One of the best movies this year. Every bit as good as the first one, if not better.

So thats it, my son is starting to make noise, and I dont want him to wake up my daughter. Good night blogoverse!

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