God Hates Idiots.

So i walked into my grandmothers room just a few minutes ago, and her tv INFUCKINGFURIATED ME. She was watching Fox News (which pisses me off on its own merits), but they were doing a “journalistic” piece on Westboro Baptist Church, and showing footage of one of their stupid “God Hates America”, rallies.

Now. I’m not patriotic, i mean, overly patriotic. I think this country has an INSANE amount of flaws in it, but Jesus fucking Christ on a stick man, these people are just….offensively STUPID. I’ve talked at great lengths about ignorant people, and I think I need to add a new level to the pole.

-Intelligent / upstanding people
-Dumb hicks.
-Niggers (its actually a tie..kinda..)
-Stuck up people (stupider, just less annoying than the above)
-a rock
-99.9% of Organized Religions
-Westboro Baptist Church
-people on the internet.

I mean seriously. Explain to me, where in your Bible that it explicitly says the phrase: “God Hate Fags”. Does it approve of homosexuality? no. but does it flat out say “FUCK YOU GOD HATES YOU BUTTFUCKERS?!?!”. No. Again, no. I repeat, for those of you too ignorant to get it the first two times. NO. You can’t show me the exact verse that says that, so fuck off.

The wife just reminded me of a verse that says “God loves all of his children.”

See. its people like these fuckers, who make such a good stand for Atheists. I mean really, when people ask someone why they’re an Atheist (which I’m not. technically. I’m Agnostic. Google it.) All you should have to say is “look at those idiots”, and the logic should become clear on that front.

Whoever said this originally, is a fucking GENIOUS, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Why is there enough religion to incite war, but not enough religion to instill tolerance

Seriously. Why does something that’s supposed to preach love, honor and respect-like most religions do-incite violence, chaos, anarchy and greed? Seriously. WHY? No religious scholar has been able to give me a straight fucking answer. there isnt one.

Religion and Faith, my friends-are two COMPLETELY seperate things. Faith is good, pure, honest. You can honestly believe in “God” (or whatever he’s called in the next generation), if it makes you happy-but its when you store making it a corporate system. When you start incorporating laws, and rallying the troops for a cause of hate that Faith gets messy.

Seriously. That’s all I really need to say.

Basically, idiots like Westboro need to get their heads out of their asses-and get a fucking life.

Political Picture - Westboro Baptist Church Member
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westboro baptist church and gandhi
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^^^ such a true quote.

westboro baptist church
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westboro baptist church
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westboro baptist church child
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^^^ this is why crazy people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

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