Droid Does: TABLETS? WHAT?!

So, here’s the deal. The iPad has arrived, and I won’t lie….

I. Fucking. Want. One.

Seriously. I want one. SOOOOOOOOOOO bad. I have a theory about Apple, wanna hear it?


so my theory is this. Apple puts little microscopic nano bots in all their products. So back in February, when I opened my shiny new Macbook box-and breathe in that new laptop smell….the nanobots get in your system, and affix themselves to your mind, brainwashing you into an apple drone.

I think those nanobots are slowly effecting me….if I ever buy a black mock turtle neck, please shoot me.

anyways. I was browsing site like Engadget and Android Central-who released some info on two or three potential, “DroidPads”-so to speak.

ICD Gemini

the ICD “Gemini” tablet, runs at just under 12″, runs Android with a multi-touch screen. Dual cameras, and a whole beavy of AWESOME features. http://www.androidcentral.com/icds-gemini-tablet-escalate-tablet-arms-war to get the full lowdown….

the other one, is from Notion Ink, and it’s called the ADAM. Same specs, but also has a ereader mode-which I guess is easy to see in direct light.

so here’s the question for you guys.

iPad? ICD Gemini? Notion Ink Adam? HP Slate (EW WINDOWS!)? what tablet is worth the money?

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