Droid Does: Beautiful Widgets & Touiteur

[images from http://www.levelupstudio.com%5D

Beautiful Widgets is a set of widgets made by Level Up Studio. After Google’s international transfer fees, the app comes to like $3 and change-and is available in the Android Market. It’s a collection of 7 widgets, to turn on WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibrate / Silent modes, Airplane mode, GPS and adjust the Brightness of the Screen.

The main feature of Beautiful Widgets is the Clock / Weather Home screen widget. There is two versions of it-a large home screen, and a smaller one. You may remember that BW was caught up with a Cease & Desist from HTC, because the app resembled their Sense UI clock widget a bit too much. Since then-it’s been redesigned, and smoother than any other widget of the same variety (suck on that Weather Widget!)

5 stars!



[images again from levelupstudios.com. not rooted so cant do screen shots. :)]

Touiteur (TOY-terr) is a new Twitter client, with alot of pizazz. Its a fairly simple, standard UI. The one option i LOVE about it, is the ability to make custom colors for different things. by default-all your tweets are blue, but say you want to make your wifes tweets stand out, you can make them pink. Or say I want to make tweets from my co-workers stand out, I can make them Verizon Red-get the picture? The pop up display and drag down box to post new tweets is a fairly nice UI tweek, that I think looks really sharp on my Droid.

The app also comes with a nice Widget, which will take up 4 colums, and anywhere from 1-3 rows. My personal set up has the 4×3 option, basically filling up an entire screen. Overall, I would rank it as one of the best Twitter apps for Android-and again, should only cost $3 or so from the Market-once you Google International Fees transfer. There is also a Free version, which is ad supported.

Overall, another 5 star app from LevelUpStudio.

QR Code to Scan & Download Touiteur!

Also, for those of you who wish to test out what Beautiful Widgets has to offer, you can download the Vibrate / Silent Widget for FREE from the Android Market-essentially as a trial of what BW gives you.

Here’s a video of both apps in action

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