Droid Does: Incredible?

So the day is slowly approaching, HTC’s follow up to the under-powered, under-hyped, bastard offspring DROID device, the Droid Eris will soon be in our grubby mits. On April 29th 2010, HTC will unveil the DROID Incredible on Big Red, for the low low price of $199.99 + 2 year contract – $100 Main In Rebate while supplies last for a limited time only.

So what’s the fuss all about kiddies? What’s so damn INCREDIBLE about the Eris 2?

Nothing. Honestly.

The HTC Droid Incredible, for all intents and purposes is the Droid Eris on steroids. Let’s take a look at the two.

[Droid Eris from HTC, circa November 2009]

[Droid Incredible from HTC, circa April 2010]

You can see the similarities in design. The Incredible boasts a 3.7″ screen (droid does), AMOLED screen (..fuck) an 8MP camera, 8gigs of interna l memory, and only expandable UP TO 16 gigs (meaning you can only put a 2, 4, or 8 gig MicroSD card in it. Sorry kids). It’s running Android 2.1 with HTC Bloatware…err..i mean Sense UI (more on that later), and has a 1ghz Snapdragon processor-that’s the phones BIGGEST selling point.

The Motorola Droid is running Android 2.1 with a 3.7″ LCD, 16 gigs of memory, and is only rocking a 600mhz processor.

Guess what?

HTC’s Sense UI, while beautiful-is an amazing RESOURCE HOG. That 1ghz snapdragon processor will get dumbed down to 600-700mhz, because of all the processor power Sense takes. Its insane, and the main reason why the Eris is such an epic fail of a phone.

Do I want the HTC Droid Incredble to succeed? yeah. It just means that Android is securing its place as KING of the Smartphone world, one device at a time. Do I think what Motorola has in store later this year for the Droid 2? (droid2.0? droid hd? droid extreme? iphone killer? Droid2? cmon guys we need a name!) will wipe the floor with the Incredible, iPhone G4 and Nexus One combined? According to rumor it will….

just to bring you up to speed-this is the RUMORED specs for Moto’s follow up to their own Messiah phone (literally, it saved Moto from death)

-4.3″ AMOLED Screen (ie: EVO 4G)
-No physical keyboard (..win for some, fail for others.)
-32GB MicroSD (16 internal, 16 expandable? maybe?)
-Full HD Video playback (….blu ray in your phone!)
-8MP Camera with Dual LED Flash (pretty much a given)
-Most recent Android software (2.5 maybe by then?)

if the rumors persist, Motorola will once again KICK THE TAR out of smart phone sales this year. Especially when the Holiday line up will include at least 1 other HTC Android phone, the iPhone HD (on Verizon), the Droid2, and a slew of crappy Windows Phone 6.5 and WP7 devices.

Things are heating up kids.

so my question of the day: HTC Droid Incredible-are YOU switching over to it, or are you waiting for the Droid2 / iPhone / whatever the hell else Verizon throws at us.)

3 thoughts on “Droid Does: Incredible?

  1. It’s actually 8gb on board, with 16 loadable, for up to 24… and that could possibly be because 32’s aren’t fully publicly available yet, so we don’t know if it’ll read them. HTC has a habit of exceeding expectations such as 8gb microSD’s working in devices approved up to 4gb like the Mogul.

    “-Full HD Video playback (….blu ray in your phone!)”
    -Not sure what you mean here. Your playback can’t exceed the resolution of your screen so put BluRay4million into memory, it’s still going to show as well as one which matches the screen’s resolution.

    “-4.3″ AMOLED Screen (ie: EVO 4G)”
    -Did you just cite a connection type as an example of a screen??

    The rest of the stats for their god phone match what’s being released now on the Incred. Lets hope they aim a little higher than rejecting an OS which, while it consumes resources, is widely preferred. Yes it’s flavor and neither is wrong or right, but it’s a widely preferred flavor.

    • the Evo 4G is HTC’s new Android device set to launch on Sprint later this summer, as the worlds first “4G” phone…(really 3.5G..if anything..but that’s a WHOLE other rant). It has a 4.3″ AMOLED screen.

      I’m citing what i’ve heard in rumor, nothing concrete. I havent heard any actual resolution numbers (400×800, 20million by 7 1/2..whatever), just heard that “it will be able to play videos in Full HD”..what that means when it comes down to brass tax is ANYBODY’s guess. I’m just sharing what I’ve heard / been told.

      Oh I doubt they will reject the OS. Sense isnt an OS, just a custom UI, built atop Android 2.1 (like Motoblur, or Samsung’s TouchWIZ, or HTC’s old TouchFLO for WinMo.)

      sorry for any confusion. lol.

      thanks for the comment!

  2. Dude if they make a phone with 1920×1080, count me in. I just don’t know which pocket I could fit it in. 😉

    Oh and true Sense isn’t an OS, but it’s inevitable that every time I run into a MotoDroid owner seeing senseUI for the first time, they ask “Whoa how do I get those things on mine?”

    All in all I’m a huge fan of hardware competition in the Android market. Let them keep pushing the market, advancing the technology and making it more enjoyable for us users. Bonus points if they leave the blackbox philosophy of the iPhone in the dust. 😉

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