…i just watched an 11 year old girl say the “c” word, and stab a guy in the face. KICK ASS!

….I’m pretty sure the title sums it up perfectly.

So I just got back from the movies, and guess what we saw?

Date Night!! of course…

….okay im kidding. We saw “Kick Ass”

For those of you living under a rock, “Kick Ass” is a graphic novel written by Mark Millar, Yes kids, by graphic novel i mean COMIC BOOK. Hollywood’s new cash cow.

And holy shit. it was, well….KICK ASS!

I’m familar with the comic book, I havent read it, but I am familar with its existance and over all story. So I went into Kick Ass as most people probably did-not super familar with the source material, and it played very well to me.

Unlike other comic book movies put out fairly recently *cough*Watchmen*cough* that required you to be familar with the source material (that’s an understatement….), Kick Ass didn’t. ALl the characters were rather well developed-and everything flowed nicely for a film that ran just shy of 2 hours.

First thing is first. There is a lot of blood. ALOT of blood. Borderlined on senseless violence levels of blood. So many people get killed in this movie-it should satisfy any gore hound, at least until “Saw 37 1/2” comes out. This movie is NOT for kids, at all. It has an R Rating for a GOOD DAMN REASON. Theres alot of blood, and alot of cursing. ALOT of cursing. The little girl in the film says the word “Cunt” for chrissakes!! and shes ELEVEN!

And 11 year old girl said “cunt” in an american movie released to mainstream theatres. KICK ASS!

The special effects were fantastic, and all the costumes were done extremely well-and matched up with their pen and paper counter parts.

Know what else was Kick Ass about Kick Ass?

Nicolas. Fucking. Cage.

I havent liked a Nic Cage movie in….well.. actiually, I dont think i’ve ever LIKED a Nic Cage movie. Nic Cage plays a very Batman-esque hero, named Big Daddy. THis man is a freaking MACHINE, and theres a warehouse scene with him-and he just goes all fuckin Christian Bale in Equilibrium on like 8 mobsters. KICK ASS!

Thankfully, there is no Kick Ass 2 in the comics, and as far as I’m aware, theres no plans for a Kick Ass 2 movie. Like I said about the proposed “Watchmen 2”. DONT DO IT. Seriously, certain comic books aren’t made to be franchised. Leave those to the “Batman” and “Superman” and “Spiderman”‘s of the world. Movies like “The Crow”, “Kick Ass”, “Watchmen”, and “300” don’t NEED to be franchised.

All in all, if you’re not OVERLY SENSITIVE to violence and profanity (lots of it), go. see. KICK. ASS. It’s aweosme. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s witty. and its fucking BAD ASS

also, the trailer for “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” is worth the price of admission alone.

One thing I want to say, as an AVID comic book fan. Thank JESUS (or..Christopher Nolan?) that they’re FINALLY taking comic book movies seriously again. While I understand that “Kick Ass” isn’t exactly the most serious comic book in history, they’re finally treating it as source material, the same way they treat “legitimate” books and novels. I mean yeah, we had some comic movies that were treated fairly before, “The Crow”, “Sin City”, “Batman 89”, “Batman Returns”, and the 1970’s Superman movies (or..the first two at least…), but then once “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” hit-it was game time. Imagine, all it took was a movie about a rich guy in a bat costume to cock slap EVERY RECORD ON THE PLANET for them to realize that comic books arent just little 10cent books to shut the youngins up. They’re as legit as bullshit like “The Lord of the Rings” or anything else…..

[Official Kick Ass Trailer (Red Band Edition)]

also..for the fuck of it..here’s the Scott Pilgrim trailer.

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