things that work.

how exactly does this MAKE ME A FANBOY?

I defend the products I use, because they work well. I tend to avoid products that fail, or dont suit my needs.

let’s start with cellphones.

my LG Dare was fantastic, and worked exactly how I wanted it to. it never gave me any guff-and the only issue I had was the battery randomly swelling up. So, I support LG cellphones-to some extent at least. At least when they don’t randomly power cycle for no apparent reason….

More “Things That Work” after the jump!

my Blackberry Storm did feel the need I had for a smartphone, and it was a good “introductory” device, as Crackberry’s should be. I wanted something more-so I upgraded to the Motorola Droid.


I want to play games on my phone. Check.
I want a very good internet browser, with eventual flash support. Check.
I want an insane amount of apps. Check.
I want SERVICE (something my Storm lacked). CHECK.

I want my Smartphone to WORK, Check.

I’ve had many Sony camera’s in the past. I enjoy Sony cameras. So when my daughter was born and the Mrs. wanted a new camera-I bought a Sony. BECAUSE IT WORKS. Sure the whole memory stick thing is annoying, but guess what. USB cable, problem solved.

I use Gmail, because it WORKS. I get my email fast, simple, and more or less spam free.

I use Google Docs, because when I’m working on a group project-it’s MIND NUMBINGLY SIMPLE to share files.

I use Google Calender, because it syncs with my computer and phone flawlessly.

Google just plain and simple. WORKS.

computers? Windows-stopped working. I became so frustrated with Windows’s slowness, sluggishness, and all around suck. I don’t play games on the computer-at least not terribly often. 15 minutes of use, my laptop was scaldingly hot. I’m tired of programs constantly crashing, or not responding.

What do I do? I upgrade to Windows 7. The touted SAVIOR of Windows.

Know what it did? It failed. Spectacuarly failed.

So I bought a Macbook.

I dropped a GRAND, that I didn’t NEED to drop, on a new computer. Is it more powerful than my HP? Not really. Bigger screen? Fuck no. So why did I drop so much money on a computer?

Because it simply: WORKS.

So what’s my point?

HTC makes horrible products-at least as far as their reception goes. They look cool, they’re feature rich-but their transceivers are HORRIBLE. Every HTC phone i’ve used has failed in this category, and yes fanboys, the Nexus One is no exception. So here’s the deal.

STOP BLAMING GOOGLE (in their entirety at least) because they’re not gonna keep finding a software fix for the Nexus One’s 3G issues. BECAUSE ITS NOT SOFTWARE RELATED. HTC put a shitty transceiver in the phone, and that’s it. End of story, problem fucking solved. They put a shitty reciever in the Droid Eris, a shitty reciever in the Touch Pro 2, and guess what nerds, a shitty reciever in the Droid Incredible. Sorry. Deal with it.

So how exactly does this make me a fanboy? Seriously. I enjoy products and companies that work for me. Google Works. Verizon works (more or less), Apple works, Motorola works, Android works, Sony works, really, is that so hard? I guess I’m just a fanboy of things that actually work.

oh. and fuck you blunty.

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