Iron Man 2: The Sequel That…well….

So I sat down today to watch the newest Marvel picture, “Iron Man 2”-a direct sequel to the OTHER comic book movie put out in the summer 2008, “Iron Man”.

Pretty much the entire cast returns from the original-with the addition of Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer), Mickey Rouke (Whiplash), Don Cheadle (War Machine), and Scarlett Johansen (Black Widow).

Everyone does well in their role, except Sam Rockwell-who is just ANNOYING as Justin Hammer. He comes off like the evil record executive in “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, not Tony Stark’s bitter rival.

Mickey Rouke totally DIVES into his role as Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash, and completely shows everyone else up. Rourke is seriously on a comeback since “The Wrestler”.

Scarlett Johansen plays Black Widow well. She is introduced as Pepper Potts assistant, and soon we find out that she’s a SHIELD agent.

Sam Jackson continues the slow hype towards “The Avengers Initiative”, and makes some more loose references to other Marvel characters. The fact that he has more screen time in the sequel definantly helps his character alot.

My only other gripe comes from Don Cheadle. Who, I mean..I don’t know. I actually LIKED the guy from the first movie, Terrence Howard. But to each his own. Don Cheadle does a good job, and finally seeing War Machine on the silver screen is pretty AWESOME. Bout damn time.

At least he didn’t get raped like Gambit, Venom and Deadpool.

Overall, Iron Man 2 lives up to the hype-but it doesn’t live up to what I personally expected of it. I enjoyed Iron Man 1 alot, while it was no Dark Knight-it was a good movie without a doubt.

3 / 5


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