Droid Does: Tethering Pt 2: MOBILE HOTSPOT (aka suck it Palm)

so honestly, the ONLY thing the Palm Pre Plus / Pixi Plus had going for it was the [free] Mobile Hotspot app. Won’t lie, it made me consider adding one to my smartphone collection-until I rooted my Droid, and found just one more thing that Droid…DOES:

WIRELESS TETHERING (aka Mobile Hotspot)

so that’s the purpose of this blog / video. Showing off the Droid tethering-using WiFi, just like the Palm Pre Plus, and just like the Evo 4G. because you know what the ads say, ‘when theres no limit to what droid gets, theres no limit to what droid does.’.

so suck it palm!

In short, Wireless Tether for Root Users is a simple app that allows you to connect to you computer (or Mac) wirelessly via WiFi, and use that 30$ data plan you fork over to Verizon (or AT&T, or Sprint, or T-Mobile) every month do a little more.


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