comic books. oh how i love thee.

so, i’ve been extremely critical of popular teen drama, SMALLVILLE pretty much since day one.

Allow some explaining.

I LOVE comic books. In general, I love comic books. I think they’re one of the best escapes out there.

For the longest time, with a few choice exceptions, comic books have never been treated as “legit source material” for Hollywood-be it on the big or small screen. They’ve always been treated as second class.

“oh, we better get the Lord of the Rings right in these movies-because they’re real books. But fuck Batman, he’s just a spoiled rich kid in a costume! its just a comic book!”

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that’s been the general feeling amongst Hollywood producers for a long time. Obviously, some shining examples where somebody in production was an obvious fan-be it the first two Superman movies, or The Crow, or Sin City, or The Dark Knight. It seems though for every “Dark Knight” or “The Crow”-we get 4 “Batman & Robins”.

Until recently, Hollywood has not taken my beloved comic book world as legitimate source material-really until the last few years.

This is where my beef with Smallville lied.

You have SEVENTY years worth of stories, worth of continuity, worth of drama at your disposal-and what the hell do you do? you FUCK IT UP. you spend 8 seasons pissing on the LEGACY of one of the greatest comic book characters of ALL TIME. You completely fuck up the mythology-just as an excuse to redo fucking “Superboy”-because the FIRST “Superboy” TV Series was such a RESOUNDING success, right?

While they didn’t get everything right, “Lois and Clark” at least kept the mythology in tact, and didn’t COMPLETELY piss on the source material.

Now don’t get me wrong, I personally am NOT a fan of Superman. Something just isn’t entertaining-from a creative standpoint about someone who’s nigh-invincible, and basically a God amongst men. There’s only so many situations you can put him in before you tread on the redundant (Superman Returns) or the moronic (Superman 3 and 4.). I just have more of a respect for comic books as legit material, than most Hollywood producers do.

This is where I get back to Smallville. Despite my protests, I decided to finally sit down, and watch the 2 hour TV Movie, “Absolute Justice”. I was impressed. The story flowed well, and kick started one of my FAVORITE storylines in the comic books and cartoons. Project Cadmus / Checkmate / Suicide Squad. I loved this story-because I’m a fan of gray areas.

Example, in “Justice League Unlimited”-there was an 8 episode story arc involving Project Cadmus, in which the government was gunning AGAINST the Justice League.

were they wrong to consider the possibillity that a group of super humans could potentially cause a threat to the US? the World?

…not really….

were the Justice League right for secretly having a giant space cannon of DOOM?

…not really….

wait…that means…that…whose the bad guy? Luthor? right? no. He actually has a point…ahh im confused!

those are the stories I love, and that’s what Smallville has been doing the last half dozen episodes or so. Creating an area of gray. Is Zod WRONG for wanting to lead his people into a new life? No. Is Clark right for making the Kandorians live without their rightful powers under Earth’s yellow sun? Not really. Whose the villian here? Whose really on whose side? is Amanda Waller really working for the government? How did Lois know about the Book of Rao? How the fuck did Perry White know about the Book of Rao? What the hell is the Book of Rao? WHEN THE HELL DID MARTHA KENT BECOME A SECRET AGENT CALLING HERSELF THE RED QUEEN?

whats with all the chess references?

So the story has kept me interested, because of shocking turns, and twists. I’m actually awaiting the next season-because if tonights episode is any indication-we’re finally going to see the red & blue.

Finally, my beloved comic books are being treated with respect. “Batman: The Animated Series”, and its following series showed that these characters can be done well in animation, why the hell can’t they be accurately portrayed in film and live action?

its an age, where comic books are being treated as the legit works of art they are. what an age. what a day.

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