New PWX Roleplay: John Pariah – “A Deal With The Devil”

so here’s a little backstory on this post.

I handle a small number of characters in my e-fed called Pro Wrestling X. I’m currently running a story arc with my current character, John Pariah-and feuding him with my B-Character, James Silkk. Silkk’s gimmick is that he was trained by Pariah, and feels cast aside by his former mentor. Silkk has started a faction called “The Fallen”, a group of other “misfits” or “outcasts”, and is waging war against Pariah. His group includes Mikal Grayson Willis, Mercedes Morgan, and Sami Jacobs (not my character).

Pariah has been bested by his student at every turn, but has finally been able to one-up him in battle.

the next (final?) match in their program is at PWX’s next “PPV” event, entitled Full Throttle, and it will be a Tag Team Razor Wire Warfare match. The Fallen (James Silkk and Sami Jacobs) will challenge John Pariah and his new / old Tag Team Partner, Michael Norcia for the PWX World Tag Team Championships. Norcia-whom has battled Pariah before, and they are on-again-off-again bitter enemies recently returned, thanks to Pariah…

here’s the RP for this weeks match:

RP Title: A Deal With The Devil

Scene One: After The Show

The Following Is Exclusive Footage Courtesy of – VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

Two Nights ago on ADRENALINE

As Josh Graves throws Devon Poole over the railing, and the two brawl into the crowd, James Silkk slides into the ring with a lead pipe, and levels Pariah with it. The crowd boos as Sami Jacobs heads to the ring, and hits Pariah with a wet floor sign. Mercedes and Grayson pulls a spool of Razor Wire out from underneath the ring. Silkk drops Pariah with the End Time, as the crowd boo’s loudly. The bell continues to ring as they continue to boo.

Chris: Someone put a stop to this!

Ricky: This is insane!

JPO: That’s it…

[JPO gets up, and runs into the ring-where Sami Jacobs catches him with a spinebuster onto the sign. He picks him up, and hits the Left4Dead Driver on JPO as the crowd boo’s loudly. Silkk drags Pariah onto the apron-and forces him to knee. Mercedes and Grayson pull Pariah’s arms out into a crucifix, and begin to tie him to the ropes with razor wire. Jacobs grabs the Tag Team Championship belts, as Silkk wraps razor wire around the head of Pariah.

Chris: Well that’s not offensive imagery…

Ricky: Nope. not at all….

The crowd boo loudly, as Silkk takes the mic.

Crowd: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *clap clap clapclapclap* SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Silkk: Just like the false prophet who would die for my sins, you’d die for your company John? Would you? Would you really?

Grayson cracks Pariah in the chest with a kendo stick, as the crowd boo loudly. Jacobs and Silkk hold up the Tag Team Championships

Silkk: At Full Throttle, this is the fate of your messiah!

They smirk until the lights go out completely.

Chris: What?

Ricky: Did they cut us off early?

A melodic piano intro is heard, and a man singing in german can be heard.

Nun liebe Kinder gebt fein acht
ich bin die Stimme aus dem Kissen
ich hab euch etwas mitgebracht
hab es aus meiner Brust gerissen

The opening notes to “Mein Herz Brennt” by Rammstein hits the PA System, as the lights remain black

Mit diesem Herz hab ich die Macht
die Augenlider zu erpressen 
ich singe bis der Tag erwacht
ein heller Schein am Firmament


The lights come back on-as the crowd ERRUPTS

Chris: WHAT?!

The fans cheer as Micheal Norcia stands in the ring. Sami Jacobs is the first to turn around-and he takes a HOG to the face, knocking him out cold. Grayson than slides into the ring-and takes a big boot for his troubles. Silkk then tries to clock Norcia with the belt-and he ducks it, and drops Silkk with a chokeslam. The fans cheer as Lillith Morgan comes down the ramp, and kicks Mercedes in the back of the head. She drops her on the floor with a DDT as the crowd cheers loudly.

Ricky: I…dont…believe it!

Lillith unties Pariah, and pulls the razor wire away. She wipes some of the blood from his face, as he clutches ahold of one of the tag team title belts. Norcia picks up the other, and stands behind the two. Pariah has a sadistic look in his eye, as The Fallen head up the ramp. He glares at the Fallen, and mouths the words “kings reign supreme” as we fade out.

Chris: I think Pariah has found a partner.

Ricky: I think hell has frozen over…..

Chris: The Kings Among Men

“Mein Herz Brennt” reprises as we fade to black.


[The scene fades in, with a PW-Xtra logo in the corner. Trainers and medical personel are attending to John Pariah, as the Kings Among Men finally reach the backstage area. The crowd can still be heard chanting “K-A-M” in the background. EMT’s are wiping the blood from Pariah’s face, and one has begun the process of stitching him up.

“Get away from me!”

[He pushes one of the EMT’s away, and grabs his belt. He see’s the camera following him, and looks directly into it.]

“James. Fucking. Silkk. Sami. Fucking. Jacobs, Mikal. Fucking. Grayson, and that little fucking crackwhore Mercedes Morgan. You’re not looking into the past, rather-you’re looking into the future. Your future.”

[Pariah smirks as he holds his belt to the camera.]

“Is this really what this is about James? Is it really? All the carnage, all the bloodshed, all the mayhem, all the violence-just for the PWX World Tag Team Championship?” he says, grinning evilly. “I hope not, because James, you just signed your death warant-all over a piece of leather and gold.”

[Pariah smirks, and finally sits back. Blood is still flowing from his head as EMTs come back into frame and try to patch him up.]

“While the relationship between my partner and myself has been rocky, I brought him in for one reason, and one reason alone. To make you bleed, to make you suffer, you make you cry. Simply put, Michael Norcia is back in PWX to help destroy you.” Pariah says impactfully.

“James, make no mistake, I hate the ground you walk on, and the air you breathe. There is-however, a reason as to why I chose you to be my right hand man in the New Dawn for a reason, and that’s because I know you’re ruthless, you’re cunning, you’re quick, you’re one of the best in the world today. That’s why I knew I had to do something drastic. My brother put me in a corner, and I had to strike. I had to do the one thing I vowed NEVER to do. I made a deal with the devil himself, and brought Michael Norcia back into PWX!”

[He pauses, and allows the EMT to finish stiching his head up. Lillith hands him a bottle of water, and he takes a drink before continuing.]

“James, Sami-this isn’t about the World Tag Team Championships, this isn’t about the Fallen, or even about the Kings. This has become personal, this has become a story about violence, and bloodshed. I said last week, that I would do whatever it took to cleanse the filth from my company, and so be it. I brought the Hand of God-a man who has nearly killed me in the ring as many times as I’ve nearly killed him-back into this company, because I knew he was the only way to cure the cancer that is The Fallen. There’s only one match I can think of, that will do that.”

[He pauses, and smiles.]

“Razor. Wire. Warfare.”

[He smiles again, taking a sip of his water.]

“Razor Wire Warfare 1 took place at PWX Do Or Die in 2006. The match, ironically enough-was me vs Michael Norcia. Another chapter in our sordid history was written, and James-you know that, because you were sitting there in the lockeroom, watching-cringing, fearing that you never feel the pain that either of us felt in the ring.”

[He smirks, as the EMTs finally leave him alone.]

“Razor Wire Warfare 2 took place a year later, at Do Or Die 2, ironically enough, included me once more-and that time, my opponent was my former protege, the man whom I led to the PWX World Championship. Skylar Kelly. I made Skylar Kelly bleed, and he’s never been seen in my company again.”

[He pauses again, looking at the tag team belt.]

“Razor Wire Warfare III took place, just a measly six months ago. Danny Szatkowski beat me. It was the feel good moment of the year. The Second Coming of Tommy Dreamer beat big bad John Pariah, in my own match. Danny took me beyond my limits, and I took him beyond his. We nearly killed each other. We bled, and in the end, Danny Szatkowski came up the better man. I don’t lose twice James.”

[Pariah smirks once more.]

“James Silkk. Sami Jacobs. The same fate that was felt by Skylar Kelly, will be yours in just shy of a week.”

[He pauses, and sighs]

“You know. I’m going to cut the dramatics right here. It’s starting to come off like some guy sitting infront of his Macbook writing a roleplay. James, Jimmy, the *ahem* “Martyr of Truth” James Silkk, it’s quite simple. We won’t be WRESTLING at Full Throttle. No No No, you’ve caused me too much trouble for that. Honestly kid, you have six days to live, because at Full Throttle. Flat out, I’m going to kill you. That’s it. End of story. At Full Throttle-if not before hand, I’m going to out and out, kill. you. dead.”

[Pariah smirks.]

“So live it up Jimmy, live it up, because your days are numbered-literally. Your final lesson, will be that the kings…always…reign…supreme.”

[He smirks and laughs maniacally as we fade to black.]

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