Why Apple Has a LITERAL Cult Following

Steve Jobs has gone BAT SHIT CRAZY, but still…I love Apple. I love Apple products. I won’t lie. While my first love (as far as tech and gadgets go) will always be with the little green robot, I’ve joined the dark side, and become a very avid supported of Mac. I mentioned earlier in my “Things That Work” post as to why-because their products SIMPLY WORK. My Macbook is four months old, and still runs like i just opened up the box, inhaled that new Macbook smell, and welcomed the SteveBots into my body to control my mind and thoughts.

Yes. Mind control. That’s how Apple has such an INSANE CULT FOLLOWING. That’s why crazy people camp out infront of Apple’s totalitarian glass palace store to get the latest iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad, or even this: ) It’s because of Mind Control!

So I’m being quasi-serious here. My theory is this: Apple has secretly developed microscropic nanobots, that live inside the boxes of their products. So when you open up your brand new MacBook, and inhale that new laptop smell (yes, theres a new laptop smell…) and subsequently inhale their evil nanobots into your system. They latch onto your brainstem, and activate-turning you into an Apple junkie.

It actually kind of makes sense….in this post “Matrix” world….weird.

2 thoughts on “Why Apple Has a LITERAL Cult Following

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