Steve Jobs @ #WWDC10? What will happen?

So, the 2010 World Wide Developers Conference starts on Monday, June 7th 2010 in San Fran, California. WWDC is the mecca center for Apple developers, be it Mac OS X, or iPhone / iPad developers-this is your Christmas.

What’s going to go down? It’s already pretty much a lock that we will get the token iPhone update announcement-since that seems to be the year trend since 2007. The bigger question, is what else will be unveiled? CDMA iPhone? iPad2? The Announcement that Apple and Google will merge for world domination smart phone superiority? Steve Jobs finally buys something that isn’t a black turtle neck? The Shadow knows……..

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So, it’s pretty much a given that Steve Jobs will unveil the next chapter in his plan for world domination: the iPhone 4. The more pressing matter is whether or not the “leaked prototype” was legit, or a simple red herring to throw off the media, and Jobs will unveil the grand daddy of all devices-hoping to topple Sprint’s EVO 4G, and Verizon’s upcoming Droid Xtreme. There’s so many questions, that we hope will get answered as soon as Monday Morning.

My personal thoughts?

FOXCONN: The issues stemming from the recent Foxconn Suicides WILL be addressed in detail. Apple has released generic, “we are saddened by this news, and are investigating the matter” press fluff crap since the news broke out about it. Rumors has circulated that Apple will indeed do SOMETHING in regards to it, since Foxconn manufacturers pretty much all of Apples products-even this Macbook I use to type this blog!

CDMA iPhone / AT&T Contract: Rumors have SWIRLED as to when AT&T’s deal with Apple expires. People say this month, people say next month, people say 2011, people say 2012. Nobody really knows for sure. AT&T raising it’s data plans, as well as the universal shoddyness of their network should be reason for Apple to consider breaking their contract with AT&T, and launching the iPhone on T-Mobile (officially…), Sprint, and/or Verizon. Not only is this a SMART BUSINESS MOVE, but a logical one as well.

iPad Software Update: We know the iPhone 4 will launch with iPhone OS 4. We know the 3G and the 3GS will recieve OTA updates to said OS 4 soon there-after, but nothing has been said about the iPad recieving this update, besides “It will be updated to OS 4”. Will Jobs use the WWDC to announce a slightly more SPECIFIC time frame?

These are just SOME things I think will be announced / confirmed in the coming week. The Apple nerd in me is waiting with the utmost impatience to find out whats going to happen, and for me to make that ultimate decision as to whether or not I’m getting the Droid Xtreme, or holding out for that CDMA iPhone, and truely joining the dark side.

What are YOUR thoughts as to what Apple will unveil? Will Apple respond to Google’s I/O Day 2 Keynote, in which they just spent the entire freaking presentation bashing Apple?

Probably. Unfortuantly, it won’t be as creative or funny, because apparently the only thing Steve Jobs says about Android is “you can access porn on it”…because apparently you cant simply type in “” on the iPhone’s browser….

Catch ya next time.

2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs @ #WWDC10? What will happen?

    • Honestly? if AT&T loses their stranglehold on the iPhone, I see them kind of floundering off into nothingness. Unless they turn themselves into the Blackberry Mecca (which considering the Bold Slider is AT&T bound..could happen). They could also become the hotspot for Windows Phone 7 as well. With devices such as the Droid Xtreme coming out, I think Verizon is going to hold a pretty tight hold on Android for awhile.

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