I think I’m having a mid life crisis at 23. It’s kind of a weird thing to think about actually. Be it comic books, cartoons, or cheesy poorly acted kids shows that bastardizes the original Japanese source material, I’ve been PINING for my childhood again. It could be stress, it could be fatherhood, it could be a total psychotic break down. Whatever the case may be, I’ve found myself overly fascinated with all things having to do with the banner you see right above this paragraph.

Yes, even though my last blog, regarding Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight should of forshadowed it a bit. It’s time for me to talk to YOU, the viewer about one of my top three favorite past times as a youth in the 90’s.

Yes. The Mother Fucking Power Rangers.


I swear to god, as a kid growing up, those were words I uttered EVERY freaking day at recess, if not randomly in class as well. It was the early 90’s (1992 / 93), I was in like, 2nd grade? 1st grade? something like that. Like pretty much EVERYBODY in my class, I would rush home from school, and throw my backpack on the chair-grab a drink and maybe a snack, and sit down infront of the TV for that days adventure of the MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS. The next day at school, we’d all meet-and talk about what happened. Who was the monster of the day. What was Rita’s evil plan? What did Lord Zedd do? How much of a bad ass was Tommy? For 1st graders, it was the shit.

And it still is. Today. I mean sure, it’s nearly TWENTY FREAKING YEARS since the Power Rangers first aired. The show was beloved by kids, and hated by parents. My family especially. Not my direct family (Mom, Dad, Aunt)…but my extended family (Cousins…other Aunts…) absolutely loathed the show. For a show aimed at 8 year olds, it was pretty damn violent. All the Rangers issues seemed to go away just by kicking somebody in the face. But we kids ADORED IT.

I don’t think I was alone in my class, when we would pick Rangers at recess-and I would want to be Jason (The Red Ranger). I somehow always got conned into being the Blue or Black Ranger, but whatever. We were having a BLAST (when not getting in trouble for play fighting at recess…)

Soon after, halfway through the first season-I think everybody in my class at once changed theirmind.We all wanted to be Tommy, the Green Ranger. Why the hell not? He was a total BAD ASS. His costume was different, his origins were different. His weapon was different. He even had his own Zord that kicked the SHIT out of the Mega Zord on several occasions. Hell, he even TOOK OVER the Mega Zord. The Green Ranger was a BAMF in every sense of the word (google it kids). As time went on, he became the White Ranger-and was even more of a bad ass. Although I still prefer the more anti-hero nature of the Green Ranger. (Call it the Batman Complex if you must).

For some batshit crazy reason, it’s 2010. Up until a month or so ago, Power Rangers was pretty much dead. (Saban has since bought the franchise back from Disney, and will air an American adaption of Shinkenger, the most recently completed Super Sentai series in Japan in 2011 on Nickelodeon). I haven’t watched Power Rangers on TV, since “Power Rangers in Space” (which was the effective end of the Zordon era, before they started changing EVERYTHING each season). I caught a few episodes here and there, mostly of “Power Rangers: Dino Thunder“, just because it featured the return of Tommy as the new Dino Black Ranger, and was TOTAL fan service to long time fans (YouTube episodes like “Legacy of Power” and “Fighting Spirit“) I was REALLY excited when Disney announce that instead of an 18th Season of Power Rangers, they’d be re-aired “enhanced” or “re-versioned” episodes of Mighty Morphin’-because that show meant so much to me growing up. Ultimately, the re-versioned episodes were horrible, and looked like the bastard love child of a kids show being rehashed a decade after it aired-mixed with the Adam West Batman. Besides that, I mainly only watched Power Rangers when the nephews in law forced it upon me. (God the nightmares of the SPD theme song still haunt me.)

For some reason though-in 2009, I became enthralled with the show again, and the entire super sentai / toku experience. It could of been the rather dark series that I mentioned last post (and earlier in this one), Kamen Rider Dragon Knight debuting in 2009. It could of been the hype of the re-versioned MMPR episodes, or…something else entirely. it got to the point, where I now have EVERY episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on DVD (R), I have every episode of Kamen Rider Ryuki (the source material for Dragon Knight) on my external hard drive, including the movies and specials. I’ve watched them all, in Japanese, with subtitles. That COMPLETELY re-energized my interest. It got to the point, where I would youtube, and download specific episodes or story arcs of series-just the really good and popular ones. I also had bought “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie” on DVD from Amazon-which is a fine piece of cinema-all things considered. The bug had started to come back. Again, just like when I was on my big comic book collection / action figure collecting kick (which I still kind of am). I don’t know what is happening.

If i may go into a little introspective side note here: My theory is that when my (grand)father died in 1997, it kind of changed my outlook a little bit. I stopped watching Power Rangers, I stopped watching Ninja Turtles, I stopped reading / buying comic books. I pretty much killed off every thing in my child hood that I loved. I was 11, and my (grand)father was my hero. I don’t know if it’s because I felt like such a little fucking shitstain after he died, because I never said good-bye. I never got to say really anything to him, outside of being a little fucking douchebag the whole week he was home, before going back into the hospital and subsequently dying. I think now that I have kids of my own, I’m trying to re-live some of the things that I gave up on, or missed out on. Just a theory…

Right, okay, back to action! (see what I did there?) After all this began festering, I stumbled across a post on the fine blog, Hero Power.  ( He started posting links to a video series called “History of the Power Rangers”, which were taken from another website, That Guy With Glasses, home of the Nostalgia Critic, and other YouTube giants. Linkara (one of the people behind the site), began a season by season analysis of Power Rangers-and plans on going through EVERY season (MMPRS1 – RPM..jesus) and doing these little 30-60 minute presentations on each of them. They’re AMAZING, and very witty and well done. Those videos rekindled my interest in Power Rangers. I’m at the point now-where I have the first six seasons of Power Rangers (MMPR 1-3, Zeo, Turbo, and In Space) on my computer (thank YOU bit torrent!) took me a fucking WEEK to download the 36 gig file, but its so worth it. I also have the complete run of Power Rangers Dino Thunder on DVD-R, and I plan on burning every episode / season of Power Rangers to DVD, everything from “Day of the Dumpster” to “If Venjix Won” (MMPR – RPM, for those unaware)

Just like I did with Batman, I’ve grown completely addicted to Power Rangers. Learning all I can about the inner workings of the TV show (which Linkaras dishes out ALOT of knowledge that I didn’t know of in his videos). Learning about the sentai series, and just everything I can find about it.

This is just something I wanted to write about. I don’t know the EXACT reasons as to why all of a sudden, I’ve become enthralled with super dorky stuff. Why I’m planning on spending money on old toys that I used to really have, just can’t fucking find ANYWHERE. It’s weird. So many things from my child hood are roaring back at me. Power Rangers, Batman, fuckin…Daria (must buy on DVD dammit!)

I’m excited for what will happen with Power Rangers in 2011, now that Saban is back in power. This is something from my childhood, and a MAJOR component into what shaped me today.

There’s only one thing I have to say to end this….


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