Kidd Russell – “E. North Ave” Ring Tone!

So, here’s the deal guys: I got bored and decided to cut the chorus of Kidd Russell’s “E. North Ave” down to a ringtone, on my Droid, using Ring Droid (just another thing that Droid Does!)

Here it is!


  1. Download file from HERE:
  2. Copy to device (depending on your phone, you can download it right by your phones browser)
  3. Save on storage card, in ringtones folder (if applicable)
  4. set as ring tone.

or, once its on a your card (for Android / Blackberry Users), pull it up in the music player, and hit the menu button on your phone. It will give you the option to set as Ring Tone.


Follow Kidd Russell on Twitter @kiddrussell – NOW!

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