So my wonderous sources at Warner Brothers hooked me up with the THIRD DC Animated Universe Movie for 2010, following up the spring release of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS, and summers BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD-which just came out TWO FRAKIN’ MONTH AGO.  This time? We returned to the caped crusader and the big blue boy scout in SUPERMAN/BATMAN: APOCALYPSE. In essence, a sequel to 2009’s SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES. It doesn’t follow the same Luthor-for-president storyline, but it does take place AFTER the events of “Public Enemies”-which is why I say “in essence..”. Mentions are made of the events of “Public Enemies”, and it includes the same cast (at least in the title roles) of Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Tim Daly (Superman/Clark Kent)-which as anyone whose followed me knows, that is ONLY a good thing, if not a garentueed formula for success.

Do you want to know what I think? I’m assuming you do because you’re reading this, than click the link below and follow the jump for my full review of SUPERMAN/BATMAN: APOCALYPSE, available on DVD, Blu Ray, and On Demand on Tuesday, September 28th 2010 from Warner Brothers Home Video.

The movie is based on the second collected volume from the SUPERMAN/BATMAN comic book line, entitled “Supergirl”-which was written by Jeph Loeb (Superman/Batman, Wolverine, Heroes, and that little masterpiece called ‘Batman: The Long Halloween’) It also features art by the late Micheal Turner (Fathom, Witchblade, etc)-who is known for making INSANELY BEAUTIFUL FEMALE CHARACTERS. Like seriously, I understand Megan Fox is going to be in the ‘Fathom’ movie-but there is no way she can be hotter than the comic book character. It’s Megan Fox, so I know that says alot-but still. The movie-just like in “Public Enemies” when they tried to emulate Ed McGuiness’ art style from the comic book it was based on-which I liked. The only drawback is because Micheal Turner excelled with drawing the female form-ALL of his characters-even the male ones-looked kinda…feminine. Unfortuantly that issue is not resolved in the film-as Superman looks extremely feminine during the parts of the film when he isnt busting somebody’s skull open. Besides that, the other character designs are fine.

The story starts off with a little introduction piece, explaining how these new blimp drones have been instanted in Gotham to help with crime, as well as mentioning President Luthor’s impeachment. They use that to segue into a flurry of meteor showers that have been prevelant-and like clockwork, something falls from the sky and crashes into Gotham Bay.

Whose first on the scene? The police? No. The fire department? Nope. The Coast Guard? Nope. Everybody’s favorite rich kid with issues-BATMAN. Shows up speeding towards the point of impact in the bat-boat. He dives into the water, complete with Bat-scuba gear (and presumably a can of Bat-Shark-Repellent? We may never know.) and goes to examine the wreckage. He finds Kryptonian writings on the walls of the mysterious space craft, but nobody inside. We cut back to the bat-boat, where a naked blonde girl crawls in-accidently activating the the auto-pilot, and causes the boat to speed into the dock-exploding in the process.

Because the naked blonde girl is Kryptonian, she’s naturally indestructable, as she crawls from the wreckage and ventures into Gotham City-greeted by some dock workers, who proceed to get their ass handed to them-all while the girl is speaking another language. The black guy throws her his jacket, and runs off. We suddenly cut to her running away, and eventually being chased by police as her powers really start to kick in. She blows stuff up with her heat vision, she breaks stuff-and flies away-grabbing a gargoyle for safety. Enter the Dark Knight-whose right behind her. She jumps, and blows up one of the blimps. It comes crashing to the ground, if only to get the obligitory Superman saving the streets from a falling flight vehicle. At this point, Batman grabs her and uses some kryptonite to knock her out. He takes her bat to the Batcave, and runs some tests, establishing that this girl is not human (duh). She awakens, and blows up Batmans computer. Enter Superman, who meets the girl-and they both start talking Kryptonian. He brings her back to Bats, introducing her as Kara Zor-el, his cousin…from Krypton.

Superman goes on to read the inscription on the ship-explaining the backstory we need. Batman of course, doesn’t believe it for one second. Supes takes Kara with him, and tries to teach her how to be a normal Earth girl-something apparently Superman is EXTREMELY knowledgable about….

Moving on, after a segment of sheer hillarity, which involves Kara shopping like a crazed 16 year olds with Daddys credit card,

as well as eating her first hot dog-after ensuring it isnt actually made of dogs-altho her history with dogs isnt good, as Krypto the Superdog loathes her…but whatever.

Clark and Kara go walking through the park-where Kara is attacked by a lasso (yes, a lasso). After a group of women kick the shit out of Superman, we find out that instead of it being Apokalipse whose after her (as we established in an earlier cut scene I forgot to mention), its Wonder Woman and the Amazons of Paradise Island. What? Apparently they want to help train Kara, and after seeing her LEVEL the park to ashes with her heat vision, they have good cause. Batman is with them-and he agrees with Wonder Woman.

From this point, the story pretty much follows the comic book pretty darn closely. She’s kidnapped by Darkseid, and turned into his little gothic demon faery of doom (and she looks damn hot doing it). Her and Superman kick the shit out of each other for a bit, while Barda and Wonder Woman fight off some tanks, and Batman takes down a couple giant dogs. Eventually Batman threatens to nuke Apokalipse, and he’ll only stop if Darkseid hands Kara back over to them. Pretty bad ass if you ask me.

In the end, we think Clark has Kara back, and shes going to live with the Kents in Smallville….and fade to credit—WAIT A MINUTE, Darkseid just punched through the Kents front door.

Here’s the real awesome part. We get a solid ten minute BRAWL at the end of the movie between Superman and Darkseid. Superman gets blasted into space, which tags Kara in, and it just goes BALLS OUT. One of the best super powered brawls in the DCAU. It was fun, and they DESTROYED the Kent Farm, completely. In the end, Kara uses Darkseids boom tube to send him off to deep space. Its after that small victory, she decides she wants to be a hero. Than Superman re-introduces her to the Amazons and Batman as the world will come to know her…


overall, WB was smart in labeling this as a “Superman/Batman” movie…because I dont think ANYBODY will care about an animated Supergirl movie. You know, the live action one was such a stellar hit at the box office..remmeber?

Overall the movie was solid, and the animation is fluid-as you’d expect from one of these movies. The character designs mimic the original comic book art very well, and the women look INSANELY hot-as you’d expect from Micheal Turner inspired art.

Overall, the story is pretty flat and uneventful. The only real “WOW” moment was Darkseid showing up at the end, when you honestly thought the movie was over. Overall, its not the best DCAU Movie yet (that honor goes to “Under the Red Hood”), but its not the worst (Wonder Woman). Overall, its a fine story, which doesn’t hurt anyone or any characters in the process. It shows that at least in the Superman/Batman series-there is going to be some continuity between the films now. Although during the invasion of Doomsday clones-Superman obviously knew who they were and what they were capable maybe some continuity with the other movies as well. Theres a line in the book from Batman, regarding Jason Todd-and with the Red Hood film just being released, I wish they would of used it to show more continuity throughout the movies. Either way though, I give it a solid 3 stars.

now heres a screenshot gallery!!

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: SUPERMAN / BATMAN: APOCALYPSE Animated Movie (2010)

  1. Hey again John. Yes, you are right. Naming it “Supergirl” would not have been a good marketing idea.

    We thought the last battle fun but a little frustrating as after apparently taking damage Darkseid just kept reaching out and grabbing Kryptonian faces.

    Overall it was pretty art wise (mostly) and the action was good. It was not overly deep, but did the job of entertaining.

    Here is our take with a lot of pics and a little humor if your are interested:

  2. I always love watching movies about aliens trying to adapt to earth culture, it’s always so hilarious XD

    My favorite part of the movie:
    (Supergirl walks out of the changing room with a to revealing outfit) SUPERMAN: Absolutely not
    SUPERGIRL: We’ll take it XD (it was something like that)

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