Addressing the VZW/iPhone/January Rumors – #VeriziPhone

So, as you may or may not know, I currently am a Verizon customer (amongst other things.) I currently own a Motorola Droid A855, and a Motorola Droid X MB810-both smartphones are running Android 2.2 (FroYo), and both of them are excellent devices.

I am also a Mac user-and while all of you have read my thoughts as to Why Apple Has a Literal CULT Following, and if you haven’t-I’ve conviently included the link-I still secretly pine for an iPhone. I love Android, I love google-but like alot of people, I secretly pine over an iPhone, I would just like it on a network that, yknow…works. Plus, I plan on purchasing an iPad-and might end up converting everything in my house to Apple’s glorious wonderment of an operating system, because Windows just sucks THAT bad.


keep reading past the jump, and i’ll explain my heresy to the all high ruler that is DRRROIIIDDDD.


The current rumor-spread once more by the Wall Street Journal-once against suggests that Apple will be manufacturing a CDMA iPhone by years end, with it being up for sale Q1 2011-with the obvious choice of CDMA vendors being Verizon. That all sounds well and good, except there are a FEW logic holes.

  • VZW has some BIG freaking devices planned for Q1 2011, including a rumored Droid Tablet, a Tegra 2 powered Droid, amongst a buttload of other things
  • Apples product cycle is in Summer, end of Q2/beginning of Q3 time of year.
  • Apples contract with ATT not running out till 2012.
  • Verizon doesn’t NEED the iPhone. The iPhones popularity has kind of plateu’d, and Android has begun slaughtering the competition.

Again, those are just some rough bullet points. Most people online seem to think that the “iron clad” product cycle with the iPhone coming out every Summer is the end all be all killswitch that shoots this rumor down dead in its tracks. (yknow, when Lowell McAdam has even out and out denied an iPhone being on VZW’s network any time in the near future on more than one occassion) I know this, because I have had this exact same discussion with a few people over Twitter in the last few hours.

Here’s my beef with that theory: the “VeriziPhone” would not nessecarially be a NEW product, per se. It would odds are be an iPhone 4 with a CDMA radio slapped in place of the GSM one. No special new gimmicky features, outside of MAYBE a removable battery. Releasing a CDMA iPhone would be a great fallback for Verizon in Q1, just incase their big Droid releases for whatever crazy act of God-fail miserably like the Palm Pre (which, yknow. they WONT, but ya never know.). Throwing a lowercase i infront of a product name is almost guaranteeing it to sell like hot cakes. iPod, iPad, iPhone, iCondom, iHerpesCream, No matter how stupidly insane the product is (iPod Shuffle anyone?) people will buy it because of that goddamn lower case i. A CDMA iPhone will rake in the money for both Apple and Verizon, and Mr. Jobs and Mr. McAdams can go Scrooge McDuck in their vault of money together.

Will it happen? Who knows. Is it good for the consumer? Yes and No. Is it good for business because people will buy it like ravenous dogs? Yes.

Here’s the kicker. Verizon aren’t the only cats with an LTE network coming out. AT&T will also be making the jump to LTE. Whose to say that the iPhone 5-which is supposed to have some “major new features”-won’t be the iPhone LTE. Whose to say they won’t at least initially try what Google tried to do with the Nexus One (and ultimately fail at), and sell the iPhone LTE in both red and blue flavors?

The idea behind LTE is fairly simple. It’s kind of like GSM on steroids. On GSM-you can unlock any old GSM phone-and slap another GSM Sim card into it to use on that network. In reality-it’s a LITTLE more complex than that, but to the basic end user (ie: not the people who care about rooting or jailbreaking their devices. we don’t count) that’s pretty much it. LTE is SUPPOSED to work the exact same way.

Here’s the situation…..You gain an LTE certified device, that’s designed to work with any LTE provider. Than, you go to Verizon and purchase a SIM card. Say what? Verizon doesn’t work in your area? But you want the more GBs and the Wifis? Say WHAT? You mean AT&T actually works in your town? Get out of here! Well than, you can take that shiny new LTE phone you just plopped $600 on-and go activate it with AT&T than, you crazy bastard you! I bet you have cats living with dogs too!

Would this business model-not also make the companies involved (and AT&T too in this scenario!) not just stupid amounts of money as well? You’re telling me that Apple, Verizon, AT&T, or any other company involved has never double dipped before? I sir, will call your bluff and call you a liar. A damn dirty LIAR.

Do I want a Q1 iPhone? No. Not really, just another product I’ll have to teach people how to use. Do I even really CARE anymore? No. No I don’t. Android is a beast that can not be stopped. We’re the juggernaut bitch!


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