#Smallville Season 10 | #Supergirl + #Homecoming + #Isis

EPISODE 10 x 3 “Supergirl”

The third episode of Smallville’s “Final” season was definantly not its strongest. We saw more teasing with Darkseid, and the lackluster return of Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl. She’s out in the public eye-even saving whiny closed minded radio hosts who spend their days holding rallies to bash the “vigilante menance” that all of Metropolis loathes (although Gotham City is pretty much okay with it. Ain’t that something?) when a horribly CGI’d billboard almost squashed him like a bug.


Kara comes off as a real prissy bitch in this episode. Teasing Clark that “Jor-El sent her” and “He can’t even fly!”. I see why Jor-El would favor her over Clark, they’re both total dickwads.

One of the benefits of the show was seeing Lois Lane (Erica Durance) in another mind bendingly hot costume. Darkseid (or, well “The Darkness” as its being referred to right now-had possessed the aforementioned radio host, and brought him to an S&M club-because Smallville’s god of death and destruction and violence likes to get spanked. *scratches head*.

Meanwhile, at stately Wayne Manor….or rather, rugged Kent Farm…

Kara is trying to “train” Clark to fly…which that in and of itself is hillarious. He flies into the sky-and than comes crashing into the barn in a clip im suprised has not been GIF’d with a “FAIL” tag at the end. The show ends with Clark and Kara stopping Kinky Darkseid Posessee-using the almighty power of Kara’s bracelet (…) to repel the darkness back to whatever shadowy hole it came from. Blah.

Episode 10×4 – “HOMECOMING”

“Homecoming” was the big milestone for the series. 200 episodes, and we still dont have Clark flying, or the costume, or the name “Superman”, or Lois and Clark actually telling each other their secret / that they know the others secret. “Lois & Clark” got that out of the way during the pilot episode I think.

Anyways, Lois decides to cheer Clark up, and go to their 5 year high school reunion. Yes, because I know going to MY High School reunion would cheer me up, when I could simply spend my days punting stars into oblivion for kicks….

Moving on, they tease the return of Bug Boy-as well as the return of BRAINIAC, portrayed by Spike…ermm…James Marsters. Except-he’s not Brainiac, he’s Brainiac 5, and a member of the Legion of Superheroes!! What the fuck Clark? (EDITORS NOTE: Yes, i know of Brainiac 5 in the comics, the target Smallville audience doesn’t….)

Brainiac 5 turns into the Ghost of Christmas Past, taking Clark all around time, as well as getting him stuck in the future-where Lois knows Clarks secret, and SUPERMAN EXISTS in the red and blue (and yellow). It’s a nice nod, and we get to see Tom Welling playing double duty as modern Clark and future Clark. We saw the flash of the cape, and a future Planet headline saying “SUPERMAN SAVES THE WORLD.”…awesome.

Clark gets off his time bending trip, and he and Lois share a dance in the barn, and he begins to hover off the ground (some type of kryptonian erection i guess? because its obvious in the next episode he doesnt fly). And we go to credits. All in all, a great episode that made me forget about the FAIL that was “Supergirl”.

Episode 10 x 5 – “ISIS”


“Isis” was another FANTASTIC episode. Seriously, I loved it. Not only did we get Lois in ANOTHER insanely hot costume, but we got to get more follow up with Ollie’s “I Am Iron Ma…erm. Green Arrow” angle. He’s completely turned into Tony Stark, even having “Green Arrow Girls” at a big gala event he’s hosting. We get more folow up on Tess Mercer taking care of the young red haired Lex Luthor clone kid baby thing, as well as Clark FINALLY ADMITTING EVERYTHING TO LOIS!!

Oh, and Cat Grant is back…goddamnit Deadshot, why must you fail so miserably at life?

Once again, Lois is granted super powers-by accidently unlocking the spirit of Isis through an amulet she accidently smuggled out of Egypt-and goes on a massive ass kicking spree. She tries to use Clark to ressurect Isis’s dead husband Osiris-and bring about the apocalypse, but  The Green-Bat-Iron-Arrow-Man stops her, and Clark uses his heat vision to seal Isis back up. The nice touch at the end of the episode is Clark and Ollie accepting Tess as the new “Oracle” so to speak-basically putting her in charge of Watchtower….if I know my comics the way I do, i’m pretty sure this is going to come back and bite them in the ass at some point….

The episode ends with the moment we’ve all been waiting for….THE COSTU–oh wait, no..he just tells Lois (who has already figured it out by now…cuz shes NOT a complete moron like everybody else with 2 moderatly functional brain cells in Metropolis) that he is Superman The Blur. They kiss, break a table-and we get sent to the credits, and a preview for next weeks episode, where Lois and Clark get trapped at…Amish Acres? What the fuck?

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