Batman: Incorporated: The Aveng-whonows? #Batman #DCU


Okay, so I just got up to speed on Grant Morrison’s FANTASTIC run on “Batman & Robin” (though issue 15), as well as got caught up on “Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne”-and I must say this…*looks at the picture above* WHAT THE HELL??!?!?!!!11ONEONEONEONE


I get it, I’m a few days weeks late to the party. It’s cool, but seriously-what the holy hell? Batman Incorporated. Bruce Wayne returns from the past (gotta admit, its alot less gay than when they first announced it…) and becomes Tony Stark? Seriously? I mean, the whole concept-and maybe its just because I don’t know too much about whats going to happen-seems like he’s literally franchising his mantle to anyone. Almost like he wants territorial, bastardizations of himself to fight the fight everywhere. He wants to take his war on crime beyond just Gotham City-and he wants to go global, because its not like the DCU doesn’t already have a group of super heroes that saves the ENTIRE PLANET FROM THEIR SPACE STATION OF DOOM IN THE SKY, you know. Seriously. What the hell?


Bruce Wayne is basically doing the same thing Tony Stark (or was it a Skrull? Who knows cares?) did after “Civil War” with his “Initiative” project. Right?


The Initiative was essentially a group of heroes designated to one area, under control of one overseer (The Government) and answering to essentially one man (Tony Skrull Stark Man Thing) as the new Director of SHIELD.


Batman Inc. is people selected (or drafted?) into become a global black ops strike force, answering to the order of one Mr. Bruce Wayne. From the looks of things, Dick Grayson is going to remain the Batman of Gotham City-with Bruce Wayne acting as Nick Fury.


I gotta say, this idea just sounds dumber and dumber as time goes on.


I mean, i LOVE Grant Morrison’s work. He’s a fucking genious. I thought RIP was a masterful story, and my only qualm with Final Crisis (well okay, only MAJOR qualm) was that Batman didn’t ACTUALLY DIE. The reason I say this, is at the end of FC#6, we see Superman holding a dead Batman corpse in his arms. That image should of been as powerful as the “Death and the Family” cover-with Batman holding a dead Jason Todd in his. Unfortuantly, it wasn’t-because we find out 2 months later that “he’s not really….he’s just a caveman now!” and DC Macguffin’s their way into a year and change worth of stories, involving rogue Batmen (Jason Todd is a bamf), a new regime (Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne-whom I actually REALLY ENJOY as Batman & Robin), and a whole slew of crazyness that we can almost garentuee will never be used as source material for a live action or animated show / movie.






I need some time to wrap my head around this concept. Batman: The Return 1 shot should be out the first of the month-and I guess that starts the wheels in motion. It’s….going to be fun…



Can Damien get some bad ass War Machine armor now?



2 thoughts on “Batman: Incorporated: The Aveng-whonows? #Batman #DCU

  1. I totally agree with you. I do like the Dick Grayson/Damien Wayne Batman and Robin. As for Batman Inc. … Well, I don’t like the idea. Grant Morrison also killed the Martian Manhunter off in Final Crisis in one frame. No explaination. Then told fans that they were idiots. Geniouses like Grant Morrison aren’t always understood, but seriously??? I always thought that Bruce Wayne was way better than Tony Stark, but maybe they’re going to end up more alike than anyone ever thought!

    • I agree. Whole heartedly. I was iffy on Batman Inc, bit after the first couple issues-its rocking.

      As far as killing the manhunter, he was prolly tye best choice. Each crisis, someone has to die for reals. He was big enough for people to care, but not so big that it wpuld of had this riptide effect that killing one of the big 3 would of had.

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