#TeamAndroid vs #TeamApple, i think ill rejoin #TeamBlackberry….

So the internet is engulfed in a brand war that makes the Xbox vs Playstation vs Nintendo wars of yesteryear seem like an elementary school playground. It appears, people think their mobile smartphone operating system is the single most important thing one can decide in life, and if you don’t side with them-than you’re a “stupid fat kid who needs to do yoga.”-because you know, all the fanboys out there are at the mental age of approximately 6 1/2.

Seriously kids (and “kids” being the operative word here.) here’s the deal. ITS A MOTHER FUCKING MOBILE PHONE OPERATING SYSTEM. Grow the hell up. Seriously, jesus fucking christ (or Allah, or Buddah, or whatever stupid mind numbing and intelligence insulting terrorist god you worthless twats pray to) – GET OVER YOUR DAMN SELVES. Arguably, there are five major smart phone OS’s in the United States. Sure, there are others-but the main ones are Android by Google, Blackberry OS by RIM, iOS by Apple, Web OS 2.0 by HP/Palm, and Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft. They all have their advantages, and their disadvantages. They all have their pros and cons. We are now at the point where you can choose your mobile OS, and choose your carrier-and get a similar experience across the board.


Android is the hot little underdog that’s becoming stupidly popular. It’s owend and developed by Google, and is skyrocketing through the sales charts at MIND BENDING speeds. Why? It’s an open source operating system thats “free”. That’s not it. So is Linux-and I don’t see the 3 Linux users in the world crashing down Best Buy’s door for more Linux powered netbooks-do you? It’s completely open to develop for? Yeah, that’s a double edged sword, because it makes App Development occur at break neck speeds, it also means there is very little absolutely no policing of the Android Market-meaning there can be apps like ANTIVIRUS FREE and the 328378278382982 porn apps that do nothing but fuck your phone up. It also makes it more likely to get VIRUS’ (the one thing i absolutely positively miss from my past life as a Windows user…*sarcasm meter explodes killing two small children and a dog*..) on your smartphone (which in 2010, is more important to some people than their own fucking children.)

Why would you pick Android over any other OS? Well, it has Angry Birds…but..oh wait, so does iOS…umm..it has Flash! Yeah, that’s the ticket! And an insanely cute little green robot mascot we all know and love!

Seriously though, while I love my Droid X-i KNOW there are better OS’s out there. Android offers alot of flexibillity and a stupidly wide range of handset styles to choose from. Because fragmentation is our friend.

Next, you have iOS by Apple. Which is mind numbingly simple and easy to use. Just pages and pages of apps. There’s only 3 devices that support iOS, the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad (granted, only one is a phone) and it’s taken the world by storm, revolutionizing smart phones as a more consumer focused business. They introduced the idea of being able to download an app DIRECTLY OVER THE AIR TO YOUR PHONE WITHOUT SYNCING TO A COMPUTER. They made a phone that was sleek, sexy, and stupidly popular. Sure, the downside is their propiatary charging ports, and closed wall ecosystem-but just like their computers-it keeps it free of programs and software that can (and will, Mr. Antivirus Free) fuck your phone up six ways from Sunday. Their system is also a double edged sword-because you’re limited to ONE device, as opposed to 87 of them with 33 different versions of the operating system running around. Currently, there are Android phones being sold with at least 4 different OS versions pre-installed, 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2-just to name a few.

iOS lacks Flash? Well so does WebOS, Windows, or Blackberry-but nobody is bitching about it over there, are they? Skyfire is available on all iOS devices-which is a mobile web browser that allows Flash video to be played. Guess what, Hulu still won’t work on your MOBILE DEVICE because they won’t ALLOW IT. The only “Flash” website most people will go to is YouTube. Guess what, YouTube works fine on every mobile operating system. So when you absolutely need to get onto Tube8.com on your iPad, just download Skyfire and enjoy-you pervs.

Most people are already conditioned to not go to Flash websites on their phone-because they know it doesn’t work (like me for example)-and people aren’t good at breaking habit.

Windows Phone 7 is a failure in and of itself, because its by Microsoft, and its just the KIN OS rebranded.

WebOS is still in its infancy, and while the Palm Pre 2 doesnt intrigue me AT ALL, the PalmPad tablet HP is releasing does…

Basically, here’s the deal fanboys. Android has its flaws, and you fanboys are being as INSANELY RETARDED as the die hard Apple fanboys who bow before the altar at Cupertino. iOS has its flaws, Blackberry has its flaws, WebOS has its flaws, WP7 is a flaw. GROW THE HELL UP. Seriously, you’re giving the Android Community the same black eye that the iOS community got when their fanboys went retarded. Shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and go play Angry Birds some more. Seriously, goddamn-you’re making that Blackberry Storm 3 look AWFULLY GOOD right about now….

If you need email for work, and need it right now. Get a Blackberry. There is NO DEVICE IN THE WORLD that does email like a Blackberry. If you want a sexy phone with some cool games-and actually live in an area where AT&T gets service-than get the iPhone. It really all comes down to carrier.

AT&T? the iPhone hands down is the best phone you can get. Not that they HAVE much competition. I guess if you REALLY like Windows, the HTC Surround might not suck so bad for you.

Sprint? Umm…the Evo or the Epic 4G? Just cuz they’re “3.5G” i mean “4G”. I guess.

T-Mobile? Samsung Galaxy S, hands down.

Verizon? Now theres the conundrum-because VZW has the best lineup of phones ever. My pick is the Droid X, but honestly, I can’t say I wouldn’t jump ship when the Verizon iPhone eventually drops…..

5 thoughts on “#TeamAndroid vs #TeamApple, i think ill rejoin #TeamBlackberry….

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