#TJPS – PRODUCT REVIEW #SmartphoneStand from #NewPCGadgets!


Hey guys, just a quick little unboxing and product review for a new, insanely cheap universal stand for your smartphone.


The Smartphone Stand (or Smartphone Coaster) from NewPCGadgets.com only costs you about 4 bucks, and is well worth it. It’s made of sturdy metal with rubber feet on the bottom-to keep it from sliding around on your desk.


The open design gives you plenty of room to string your USB Cable / Charger cord under the bottom of it-to keep your phone juiced too.


The product is perfect for small resturaunts who want to give customers something to put their phone on when they’re sitting at their table eating lunch, because everyone knows that Cell Phones are more important than children to some people.


Overall, I’m pleasently content with this stand. Its sturdy, its simple, and it looks nice. Most important thing is-it does what it sets out to do. This is a definant recomendation for anyone out there looking for an inexpensive stand for their smartphone.


Check out NewPCGadgets.com-I’m eyeing that iPad Pedastal mount myself, it looks pretty sexy.



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