Guys, I just finished watching the little teaser trailer that got leaked out via Nickelodeon for 2011’s “Power Rangers Samurai”-and it actually looks freaking AWESOME.


For those of you who know me, know that I love THE POWER RANGERS, and I’m enough of a dork to admit it whole heartedly. I grew up with, and love the Power Rangers. Recently, after getting into Kamen Rider-via Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight / Kamen Rider Ryuki / Kamen Rider Decade / Kamen Rider W. I started watching the Japanese counterpart to Power Rangers. Super Sentai-which is why I’m especially excited for “Samurai”-because it’s adapted from the first Sentai series I’ve watched in its entirety. “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger”. To put it mildly, Shinkenger was fucking AWESOME. It blew me away with its story telling and character development. While it did start to lull in the middle of it-the story kept smooth, and the Power Ups actually MADE SENSE (something, yknow…the American power ups tend to not do. Metallic Armor anyone?) Overall, I just absolutely loved Shinkenger. ShinkenRed was introduced as a complete and total bad ass, who could wipe the floor with Tommy on his best day. He was introduced by taking out a dozen nananshi’s-single handedly without as much as a bead of sweat. Awesome.

To sum it up. I’m waiting for “Power Rangers Samurai”. I think it’s going to be awesome, with that said….



2 thoughts on “RANGERS TOGETHER. SAMURAI FOREVER #PowerRangersSamurai

  1. Language issues aside, I love the Power Rangers too. And I can’t wait for the Power Rangers Samurai to come out. I wounder what their zords will look like. Gotta love their morph sequence. And I gotta say, you’re wrong. Tommy’s the best of the best. No one could beat him, especially when his friends help him out. Go, Go, Power Rangers!

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