Young Justice – Teen Titans meets the DCAU!

Nobody watches TV on Black Friday. NOBODY. Seriously. NOBODY. When networks decide to launch a show on Black Friday, it usually means one of two things: They don’t want to push the show, so they’re going to put absolutely no effort into it, or B) The show sucks, and they want as few people as possible to know about it.


Thankfully, while “Young Justice” did have its world premiere on Black Friday, it aired on Cartoon Network. A network that usually respects material of this nature enough to give it the time of day. Plus, it didn’t suck-which is always a plus.


Continue after the break for more information, and a whole mess of screen caps!


The “World Premiere Movie” of Cartoon Networks newest superhero animated series-“Young Justice” was a special one hour premiere, of the first two episodes of the season-“Independence Day” Parts 1 and 2. The story started off simple enough: Four different ice based villians, attacked for cities, at the same time. This was a simple plot device to introduce us to the core cast of the show.
First off, we have Robin-The Boy Wonder (Dick Grayson version, apparently) who is a skilled fighter, as well as god like computer hacker (apparently?). He’s voiced by Jesse McCartney, and his voice took some time to warm up to. He’s introduced by kicking Mr. Freeze’s ass-with the assist of the Dark Knight himself (voiced by Bruce Greenwood of “Batman: Under The Red Hood” and NOT Kevin Conroy. Minus 5 points.)


We than cut to Star City, where Green Arrow and Speedy (…why is Green Arrow’s sidekick named Speedy again?) are kicking the crap out…..another Ice based villian at the exact same time. From the get go-you can see Speedy has a bit of an attitude problem-which is a plot point that we will definitly see arise later this episode when he up and quits the team (what?)


After that, we go to a tanker, where Aquaman and Aqualad are dishing out some Aqua-y justice to some ice woman thing person guy. This is where the show takes a definite left turn-because THIS Aqualad, is not based on a comic book version. He’s an entirely original creation for this specific series. He’s pretty bad ass, with psychic powers and the ability to Green Lantern weapons made from water. Oh, he can electricute people too. because that makes sense.



Skip ahead-and we’re introduced to Impu….Kid Flash. Who is spending his time with Flash kicking the piss out of Captain Cold. The one thing that ties these four segments together is they each end with the sidekick saying “Today is the day!”  We finally cut to the Hall of Justice, where we see all the heroes and their sidekicks standing infront of it-amidst an ARMY of press workers and photographers. The kids get the “grand tour”-before the heroes have to go off in their secret meeting room of doom to figure out why four ice villians attacked at once. From there, that plot thread is dropped for the rest of this two parter!


Speedy, goes off on a tagent, wondering why they keep treating them like kids. He throws a temper tantrum-and walks off-never to be seen or heard from again. Gee, I too wonder why they’re treated like kids.


Superman quickly chimes in via Skype (or..something?) and tells them about a huge fire at Cadmus Labs. Before Batman can even explain his suspicions about Cadmus-.  Zatara (yes. The magician. MINDFREAKK!!) dings in, and tells them about some other crazy thing that needs their attention. Supes shrugs-and they go hang out with Zatara, because the magician apparently has more pull than the MAN WHO CAN CRUSH YOUR SKULL IN WITHOUT YOU EVEN REALIZING IT. Sheesh.


The story continues with the kids, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash going off to explore Cadmus, because that’s would make them look like adults! They reach the lab, help the few people still stuck in, and Robin hacks all the computer systems-eventually leading them down a mysterious elevator and into a series of underground labs. We’re greeting by some huge goliath monsters, and a bunch of small ones as well.


We cut to a professor whose working on something called “Project Blockbuster”-before being interupted by The Gaurdian (!) who tells them that the hero kids are in the building. He doesnt care, and sends some monsters to squash those meddlesome Power Rangers.


…sorry. wrong show….


Annyyways. The kids eventually make their way down to a secret lab facility called “Project Kr”. They keep referring to it as a weapon, and when the kids break in-we see its SUPERBOY in a tube!


They try to rescue the little clone-and get attacked by monsters. They finally get him out, and he goes ballistic-taking out the Junior Justice Leageres without much effort. Cuz yknow, he’s Superboy. He does stuff like that.


They get thrown in tubes, and the mad professor tries to clone them. After some psychic talk between Aqualad and Superboy-he decides to rescue the kids, and they make a break for it. Superboy decides he’s going to life his life, and the four head for the surface-but not before being stopped by the hippie professor and his blockbuster serum. Which, pretty much turns him into the Hulk. We even get a moderatly funny one liner from Kid Flash about it!


They destroy Cadmus labs, and the JLA shows up-to bitch slap the kids for disobeying. Superboy reveals himself, and Superman has the “Maury Povich” look on his face. They all scurry away, and we end the show…




Batman establishes an underground chamber, where this new “Young Justice” league can train, and be sent on missions. He shacks them up with the Martian Manhunters niece (i thought he was the last Martian. Guess Marvin had some kids or something.) along with their trainer, Black Canary. The show ends with Aqualad saying “no… the day.”


Overall, Young Justice wasnt a bad opener for a show. It felt ALOT more mature than “Teen Titans”-which was so atrociously bad it made my head hurt. It felt like Teen Titans meet the DCAU from the 90s, and outcame “Young Justice”. While I would of marked hard to hear Tim Daly as Superman, and Kevin Conroy as Batman-the voice acting was too terrible, and the animation was great.


Overall, I’m looking forward to what Young Justice brings to my Friday night Cartoon Network lineup. Will it be more awesome than Batman: The Brave and the Bold? Probably not….but its worth the watch at least.


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