Ring of Honor Wrestling – #FinalBattle 2010 Review

Saturday, December 18th 2010 – RING OF HONOR WRESTLING (@ROHonHDNet) presented their big year end event from The Manhattan Center (Grand Ballroom) in New York City-Live on internet Pay Per View via GoFightLive.TV. The event in question? FINAL BATTLE 2010.

Two words to sum it up: HOLY SHIT!

keep reading past the jump for my match by match breakdown of FINAL BATTLE 2010.

The show started with a Tag Team Match between The All Night Express, and the team of Adam Cole and Kyle O’Rielly. I missed it, but all reports make it out to be a pretty decent opener.

The next match up was Colt Cabana vs TJ Perkins. I missed the first half of the match, but what I saw was VERY good. Perkins has a future in the business, and I hope ROH signs him before TNA or WWE snap him up and rape him of his soul.

The first full match that I saw was the Women Of Honor Match. Serena Deeb and Sara Del Ray vs Daizee Haze and Awesome Kong. Awesome match, and i’m not a HUGE fan of  womens wrestling. The crowd started off with a “Fuck The Divas” chant-which was freaking hillarious. The crowd folllowed it up with a “CM Punk” chant when Serena finally got in the ring. Great back and forth match that saw Serena and Del Ray pick up the win after KILLING Daizee Haze.

Up next was Sonjay Dutt facing former ROH TV Champion Eddie Edwards (although he won’t lose the belt for at least a couple of weeks on TV…stupid ROH taping schedule…) in a singles match. Great back and forth match, that saw Edwards rebounding from his loss to Daniels at the Louisville tapings with a huge win. Sonjay Dutt was replacing Kenny Omega-whose injured or something.

Up next was the new TV Champ, Christopher Daniels (who won’t win the belt for a couple weeks on TV..cuz..yknow…ROH TV schedule again!) versus Homicide in a fantastic match. Very well built-and kept Homicide’s massive streak going. Julies Smokes made his return, and the match stayed clean and hard hitting. Homicide scored the win after an RKO. Fantastic match.

Up next was a trio of main events. The Kings of Wrestling and Shane Hagadorn versus The Briscoe Family. Fantastic six man war, that saw Sara Del Ray ejected from the ringside area, Shane Hagadorn play the scrawny heel manager get his comupence, and saw a senior citizen do a HEAD SCISSORS TAKE OVER onto Claudio (HOLY SHIT!). The Briscoes picked up the win here, which sets them up nicely for the Anniversary iPPV for another match with the Kings of Wrestling-this time for the belts.

Up next was the OFFICIAL Main Event. Davey Richards vs Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship.


This was the stiffest, hard fought match I’ve ever seen. No real interference from Truth Martini (besides the usual manager shtick.) and Davey Richards NEARLY FUCKING DIED. Strong got the submission victory after Davey passed out in the Liontamer. Now, I’m not a HUGE Davey Richards fan. I don’t think he’s the “Best In The World” like the IWC thinks, but he’s damn good. I found alot of respect for both men after that match. Classic.

The actual main event, was Kevin Steen vs El Generico. Fight Without Honor. Non sanctioned-all out WAR. This match was barbaric, insane, violent, bloody-and something you would NEVER see on TNA or WWE. Dear god. Generico won after just clobbering Steen with a steel chair-much like he clobbered him a year ago. There was a moment where I expected Cabana to turn heel, as he stalled for a moment before hitting Steen with a chair as well. It was crazy insane-and these last 2 matches were worth the $15 alone.

PPV of the Year. by far.

hit up gofightlive.tv to order the replay. DO IT NOW!

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