2010: A Space Odyssey + SPECIAL SUPRISE!!!!

What. A. Year.

Seriously, I don’t even fucking REMEMBER half the shit that happened in 2010 anymore. It’s been THAT insane of a year. Its been up, and its been down. It’s been a whirlwind of a year. I’m going to try and recap everything that’s been going on-but I know I’m going to forget things.

Really nothing of super importance happening in January.  I really don’t. We had moved back to Crown Point from Valparaiso, and it’s a descision I have regretted pretty much since day one. February saw me join the dark side, and leave the deathtrap that is Windows for Appleland, and I haven’t looked back since. Hell, the first real noteworthy thing was getting hit by a fucking illegal mexican at work. Btw, fuck la careta, and their uselessness.

It’s been crazy. Kids, family, work. It’s just been STUPIDLY busy, and unfortuantly-it hasn’t been very productive either. I’ve started seriously blogging again, and my interest in all things dork is at an all time high. Granted, I don’t really BUY or COLLECT comic books anymore, and my collecting habits have shifted from DC / Batman to all things Power Rangers / Super Sentai / Kamen Rider (HENSHIN!). I’m still getting used to being a dad-which is sad. I know. Madison is 2, and Grayson is 1. I should be used to that, right? No. Not really. It’s still something that feels off to me. I don’t know if its the toys I buy or what.

2010 Daddy story: I will say this, I bought a box of action figures off of RangerBoard. Cost me about 40$, and I really only wanted the MMPRv2 Complete Run, Super Legends Green Ranger, White Ranger, and Gold Ranger figures. But it had like another 15 or so figures in it.  So I decided to give them to Madison and Grayson. It’s heartwarming to see your daughter playing with the same toys you did as a kid, and then turning around and seeing your son try to eat them. LOL. It was also adorable when she ran around with one of the spare 8″ White Ranger figures I have, yelling “WHITE POWA! WHITE POWA!” after I told her it was the “White Power Ranger”…yeah. bad choice of words. Whoopsie.

As Summer rolled on, nothing SUPER note worthy happened. Work chugged on at a breakneck pace. I started writing for a couple blogs like Droid-Life, Team-Android and BestAndroidAppsReview. All great sites, but it interfered with work too much, so I had to step down.

I’ve pretty much become the unofficial official lead tech at my store. I’m awesome, and everyone comes to me before anyone else when they can’t figure something out…..because I’m Dr. iDroid..and i’m….AWWWEESSSOOOMMMEEEEEE!!!

Brad and I have been working on quite a few projects. It’s been interesting. His demo is available on the post directly below this.

Cal and I have been throwing some comic book and movie ideas around as well.

Overall, It’s been a pretty blah year. I’ve had fun, and I’ve been miserable. I’m looking forward to 2011, because of alot of things. I’m looking forward to Kazouki Sentai Gokaiger, I’m looking forward to the finish of Kamen Rider OOO, I’m looking forward to Power Rangers: Samurai. I’m looking forward to ALOT of things. Life with the family, the kids growing up, work continuing. I think 2011 will be a fun year.

With that said, I want to give you a New Years present, I’ve been working on a solo musical project. No official title yet-but this is the first demo track. I took and instrumental of GACKT’s “Longing” (from the Dirge of Cerberus soundtrack), rewrote the song into English (and made it make sense…) and recorded vocals over the instrumental. It’s a demo. I mixed it with GarageBand, and it doesnt sound BAD.

Here it is.


And here are the lyrics.

Holding onto you with these arms dyed in blood

I offer the moon to you as your tears shone blue

Staring at this scar you made carved deep into my flesh

As the night whispers to me, “No turning back for you…”

Now, close your eyes and say your prayers

I’ve nothing for you

Now, close your eyes and say your prayers

There’s nothing left to say!

With your voice, cut this darkness

Scream, and end it all tonight

Quietly now, hold on to me

For it is here you shall find peace

Wash away all your sins, and be reborn

And leave nothing behind…

Now, close your eyes and say your prayers

I’ll be longing here for you!


Now, close your eyes and say your prayers

I’ve nothing for you!

Now, close your eyes and say your prayers

There’s nothing left to say!

Wash away all your sins, and be reborn

And leave nothing behind…

Now, close your eyes and say your prayers

There’s no hope for you!

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