Cellphoneamania!: A Pro Wrestling / Tech Analogy Gone Horribly Wrong?

so, as you may or may not know. There are two things I enjoy. Technology-and professional wrestling. Now, I get to combine those two into one giant analogy of DOOM.

Here goes nothing…..

For all intents and purposes, there are two major national wrestling promotions. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Total Nonstop Action (TNA). Sure, Ring of Honor (ROH) has TV on HDNet, but a few things hinder that: 1) Nobody has HDNet, 2) the people who do have HDNet, probably don’t know they have HDNet, and 3) ROH on HDNet has been canceled. So its kind of a moot point anyways.

WWE is the biggest global powerhouse in the industry. They are a multinational billion dollar company, with worldwide live events, television, pay per views, merchandising-and are generally considered the best league in the industry (not my opinion, *cough*ROH*cough*). For wrestlers, wrestling for the WWE is like playing football for the [insert favorite football team here.] Wrestling at WrestleMania is like playing the SuperBowl or World Series. You know you have made it to the dance at that point.

TNA is a small, self financed company ran by an oil tycoon’s [stupid, yet hot.] daughter. TNA-while seemingly having the better or more well rounded wrestling roster, continues to make my head explode with rage at every single thing they do. From floundering the X Division into a sea of mediocrity, to bringing in the human cancer that is Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff, to misbooking every major angle that has fallen into their lap-to misusing talents and only hiring “WWE Rejects”-TNA has done it all. Every once in awhile, a nugget of awesome will slip out-but its growing few and far between. The once TNA Loyalists are starting to accept WWE for what it is (Hollywood), and enjoy whats being shown on RAW and Smackdown each week.

Off the record. NexSES is fucking awesome. WE ARE ONE!

Now, what does this have to do with Apple and Google?

Just like WWE has the mindshare of the wrestling industry, Apple has the mind share of the tech industry. Everyone is familar with Apple, and Apple’s products. You mention “iPod” or “iPhone” to someone-and they instantly know what you’re talking about-even if they aren’t a techie. You throw WWE, Hulk Hogan and The Rock in the same sentence-even non wrestling fans know who you’re talking about. TNA is constantly nipping at the heels of WWE, and Google is constantly nipping at the heels of Apple.

You say “Droid” to a non techy-and they’ll instantly do one of two things. Quote Star Wars, or look at you like a dork. Just like you name drop AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and the Motor City Machine Guns to a non wretling fan-they’ll look at you like “what the fuck are you talking about?” Sure, theres alot of things to like about Android and Google I like, just like theres alot of stuff about TNA I like. Then there is alot of stuff that Google does with Android that just boggles my mind-such as allowing manufacturers to lock the bootloader, or carriers to infest it with Crapware. Just like TNA books insanely stupid storylines, like the whole EV2.0 crap (which I’ll admit, got Raven more PPV appearances in 2010 than ever before…)


Apple is the innovator, the revolutionizer. If the iPhone never came out, Android would never have ANY of the market or mind share they have now. It’s already an uphill battle for Android-and had Apple of not come along first, it would become an upMOUNTAIN battle.



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