#TJPS Short – TOY REVIEW – #PowerRangersSamurai



Today we’re taking a look at the 10″ Battlized Red Ranger figure from Bandai of America. This toy retails for about $20, and I found it at Toys R Us. The toy is SUPER Articulate, and you can pose it any which way you want to. This thing is MASSIVE, and easially dwarfs most of my other figures, including the 8″ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993) figures AND the 2011 Samurai Megazord as well. I do wish it came with a few more accessories, as opposed to just the Mega Blade. I would of liked to see a HUGE rendtition of the Fire Smasher weapon, but…what are you gonna do?

Overall, I give the toy FOUR out of FIVE. It’s a great toy, super posable and feels rock solid. The Mega Mode Armor has really grown on me, and it feels almost “Kamen Rider” esque-which for me is AWESOME, because I love Kamen Rider.

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