Q1 Updates…

Hey guys and gals…I figured I would give everyone an update on what I’ve been up to.


  • E-Fedding: I’ve been RPing for HOW, running an angle with my John Pariah character where I have given myself one year to win the World Title, or I’m done with (e)wrestling. The angle has been good thus far, and some friends have come in and become part of a stable called The Foundation. We’re a group of former PWXers. I’ve jokingly called the group “PWneXus”, because of the way we debuted.
  • Writing: I haven’t been doing a WHOLE lot of writing, outside of HOW now. I continue to contribute to The Sauce Report.com-where I blog about technology and stuff like that. It’s fun. I enjoy it.
  • Work: Still at Verizon…still the lead tech. Still AWESOME.
  • Music: Doesn’t exist…
  • Toku: I absolutely LOVE Kamen Rider OOO and Kazoku Sentai Gokaiger. I’m also pleasantly pleased with Power Rangers Samurai as well.
  • Film: Nothing is really moving forward here. The movie idea I was going to shoot with Cal has pretty much died. All the ideas for my toku idea have fallen through as well…..


I do have some non tech reviews coming, including a review of All Star Superman-the newest DC Universe Animated film. You can check out my first toy review on YouTube, as well as some app reviews for TSR.


I might be selling my iPad, comics, and toys soon. Keep an eye on this blog for more info.


Im deleting Facebook.



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