MOVIE REVIEW: Goseiger vs Shinkenger

Remember, this is the movie-let’s make it extra flashy!

Those who know me, and follow me here, on Facebook, or on Twitter know one thing about me: I love Power Rangers. More specifically, I love toku shows, and even MORE specifically-I love Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Today, I want to focus on the latest Sentai Vs film to come out. These films have become an annual tradition, pitting the current season team (in this case, Goseiger) with the previous seasons team (Shinkenger)-as well as a cameo by the next seasons team (Gokaiger). The plots of these are usually pretty flimsy at best-at least compared to the usually deep plots of the tv series they’re derived from-and serve to be a relatively non canon piece of awesome cinema that clocks in at an hour and change.

Goseiger vs Shinkenger…is no different.

First, let me get some backstory on me out of the way. I loved Shinkenger. Seriously. Takeru Shiba (ShinkenRed) is one of my all time favorite bad asses, and can easially wipe the floor with Tommy circa 1994 anyday. The man debuted by taking out a horde of henchmen singlehandedly-without so much as breaking a sweat!

Goseiger? Not so much. I loathed Goseiger. I loathed everything about it-to the point where I didnt even watch the series past episode ten. It was stupid, trite, and the AMAZINGLY unbeatness of the kids (seriously, they all looked like they were twelve!) just made me vomit a little in my mouth every time they were on screen. Unfortuantly-those character flaws were still present in the movie-as Alata kept saying “NEVER GIVE UP!” so much, I felt like his name was Naruto. It was an amazing stark contrast to how dark the Shinkenger guys were, almost to the point where they appeared as complete dicks. It’s like Christian Bale’s Batman met Adam West’s….and than punched it in the face.

Overall, the plot is simple. A Gedoushu has emerged from the Sanzu River. He begins a plot to invade the human world-before being greeted by who we THINK is Dokoku. A handful of Nanahashi, as well as the Monster of the Week show up, and start attacking people while GoseiRed is out being a bitch getting groceries. He tries to fight them off-and fails spectacuarly. He is saved by Takeru Shiba, aka ShinkenRed-complete with Kuroko in tow. Takeru completly dismantles the foot soldiers, and puts a hurting on the MOTW-who has the ability to learn the Goseigers Heavenly Invocation abilities-making them even more useless than they already were. Takeru instantly befriends the kid, and he introduces him to the rest of the Goseigers-who are immensly confused and annoying.

Jii summons the rest of the Shinkengers, and one by on they make their return. Ryunoskue shows up in full kabuki gear again-once more confusing the Goseigers. Chiaki just randomly shows up in a battle. Kotoha and Mako are picked up at the airport by the Goseigers.

Meanwhile, at stately Wayne Manor-we find out that Dokoku isn’t really Dokoku. It’s rather Bladerun, who has inherited Dokoku’s role over the Gedoshu. Having no idea who the hell this guy is-I don’t care. He kicks the PISS Out of everyone, and kidnaps Takeru.

Yeah Marvelous, I'll make this flashy.

After some in fighting between our Rangers, we are bore witness to the star of the movie. Evil Takeru. Look at that bad ass. He lays WASTE to the Goseigers, and is mere seconds from slaughtering his own Samurai-when GoseiKnight and Genta!! make their returns, and combine their mojikara and invocation powers to shield and repel Takerus attack, allowing the Shinkengers-who refuse to fight their Lord-time to escape.

After the two teams learn to co-exist, and learn to co-develop their powers into a giant tag team of doom, they meet head out to stop Bladerun’s master plan of bringing the Sanzu River to Gaurdia-which apparently is Heavens gate.

Yes, his plan is basically the opening monologue from the Spawn movie. Great.

The two teams are met by evil Takeru-who once again kicks the PISS out of them all. Alata returns, after learning some new tricks from Kouru-aka the Female ShinkenRed, and breaks the spell over Takeru. They regroup, and head off to fight Bladerun.

MEANWHILE at Stately Wayne Manor-the fish guy, whose name escapes me-so I’m going to call him by his “Power Rangers Samurai” counterpart, Octaroo.

Anyways, Octaroo has raised a group of super Nanahashi Renchuu-who actually look like they could hold their own. He’s decided to usurp Bladeruns plan for whatever reason, but is cut off by the stars of the 2011 season-GOKAIGER.

This is where the bad assery contest between Captain Marvelous and Takeru goes into high gear. The Gokaigers wipe the FLOOR with the Super Moogers-and Marvelous gets a great Deadpool line in:

“Don’t forget, this is the movie. Make it flashier than usual.”

This one throwaway line makes me love Marvelous even more. Hell, he’s the REAL star of the movie, and he’s only in it for like 2 minutes.

Moving right along, the Goseigers and the Shinkengers wipe the floor with an army of foot soldiers, and use their power ups to finally end the first life of Bladerun and the MOTW. They grow giant size-and we get a giant zord battle. Four zords (two Megazords, Data and the Lantern thing)-and they promptly get steamrolled. The Goseigers get taken out, and call upon this years GIANT IMMOBILE CLUSTERFUCK OF A MONSTROSITY OF A GIANT ROBOT-and proceed to win the battle with it.

The two teams are buddy buddy now, comparing their differences and whatnot. Overall-it was great fun. I LOVE the Shinkenger cast, and can not WAIT for the rumored sequel series we were supposed to get. Overall, the movie was good-and it made me hate the Goseigers even more.


Time for some OOOs and Gokaiger action!

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