FOR SALE: Entire studio worth of gear! #Bass #Guitar #RockNRoll

I have a few items from my rock n roll days up for sale. I want to try my fans before throwing the shit on ebay / craigslist.


60 Watts of bass power


Own a piece of FROM THE ASHES / PARIAHS VOICE history, with this STAGE USED Fender Rumble bass amp. This sixty watt machine was used to record three EPs, as well as countless live shows in the Chicagoland region. It works great, and retails for $300 – but I’m giving it to you, my fans for the low low price of $125 – thats over 60% off! ..INSANE!!!!!

HOLLINGER PA120 PA System. This complete PA system was used in the studio, and used to record both Pariah’s Voice EPs-as well as From The Ashes 2009 EP. This 120 watt PA system is STUPIDLY loud, and suprisingly small. Big things come in small packages! Cables will be included, and the price I’m asking for this $300 piece of equipment? Just $200. Not a bad deal at all!

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