#SMALLVILLE – “Finale”

(props to Decade at RangerBoard for the screen cap)

Yes. Ten Years of “Smallville” has been leading up to that…and holy crap was it awesome.

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Episode 10×21 & 10×22

“Finale” parts 1 and 2″

It’s finally happened. It’s finally over and done with.

Smallville is done, and we finally have SUPERMAN.

All the teasing, all the taunting, and the hinting and hyping-did it pay off?

Yes and No.

I grew up as a Batman fan, but that symbol-that red Superman S shield-to me is one of the single most iconic emblems in the history of pop culture. You throw a crucifix infront of someone-they know what it means. You throw a McDonalds Arch infront of someone, they know what it means.

You throw a Superman shield infront of someone. They know…what it means.

That was a weird trio, but its 1 AM, bear with me….

To me, that symbol always has meant strength and power. The pursuit to better yourself, something for everyone to aspire to and look up towards. That’s what that symbol meant for Smallville, and thats what it meant for this episode-which was originally titled “Superman”.

I’m NOT going to get into a shot for shot run down of this episode, to avoid spoilers. This is just going to be my reflections on some things.

-The whole Lois not wanting the wedding thing was WAY too drawn out. Seriously. You could of shaved a good solid 10 minutes off of it, and still got the same effect.

-Ollie / Green Arrow was written to be Smallvilles Batman. You can tell it in every scene. The producers wanted Batman in the show. They wanted Bruce Wayne….but WB said no, because he was their only film franchise that WASNT a complete failure (please god let Green Lantern join him next month…) and they didnt want Smallville mucking up their DC Cashcow.

-So a memory wipe ey? That’s how we’re going to retcon Luthor knowing ALL of Superman’s secrets? Eh..good enough for me.

-Outside of the above Screencap, we didnt really get Clark in the suit…all crappy CGI…..buuutt..its Smallville, WB is cheap for TV……

-THe fight—-you know what….fuck it.

I’ve come to the conclusion, that a live action Superman will NEVER THROW A GODDAMNED PUNCH!!!!!


You could of taken that 10 minutes of chick flick crap out with Lois being all emo about the wedding, and given that time to an actual FIGHT WITH DARKSEID! SERIOUSLY!! JESUS FRAKING CHRIST ON A STICK!!!

Did we get that? No. We got him tackling Zombie Lionel into oblivion with his new found flight capabillities, and than doing the OBLIGITORY AIRPLANE SAVE spot, and than just LIFTING APOKALIPS-which is the size of a damn planet-away from the Earth and [presumably, because thats been Supermans answer in the past] hurdling it into the sun….


oh….I almost flipped out when we ALMOST got a CGI shot of Tom Welling in the suit, and it cut back to Chloe reading a goddamned comic book to her kid. Ohhh trust me, I was hostile….and than it cut back to the Daily Planet…and my nerves eased a bit…than a bomb threat was called in…and i heard the notes begin…

..dun dun dundun….

…dundun dundundundun….

Clark runs off….goes to the roof


Shirt rip, and credits…

Honestly, I couldnt of asked for more. Did all those things (especially the cop out finish for Darkseid).

I understand how Smallville works, and while I missed out on the majority of the series-I’ve learned alot….and for what Smallville delivers, I was VERY happy with the finale of the show. I felt everything wrapped up, and it ended where the DCU should be…

I would of liked a voice over or something with someone asking Superman who he was…and he responding with…”Superman”. But yknow….I would of liked some reference to Venom in Spiderman 3 too….dreams are made to be shattered.

Overall, Smallville ended on a high note. Your move Mr. Snyder….

some pointers for Superman: Man of Steel (which should be filming like..NOW..if it wants to meet its Summer 2012 deadline):

-Action. Snyder, you’re good at this. 300 and Suckerpunch were full of action…you CAN do this…

-No blue wang….

-LET SUPERMAN THROW A GODDAMNED PUNCH!!! cause some collateral damage..make Bruce Wayne have to sign a grant check to the city of Metropolis to pay for some damages. SERIOUSLY….

i’m also so incredibly sick of Kryptonite. Don’t use Kryptonite. Please Mr. Snyder…..especially when your lead villian is ANOTHER KRYPTONIAN (Zod)…just…please dont…..

Personally, I hope we get one more dip into the Smallville Universe sometime….be it as a comic book, animated movie (DC Universe Animation???) or as a made for TV/DVD movie…..

…..time to sleep…

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