The Event – #SaveTheEvent

The Event. Hyped by NBC as “Lost” meets “24”. The show was fast paced, action packed-and awesome from beginning to end.

And its now ended.

Yes, just like Smallville-one of the best shows on TV is over.


The Event debuted last year, to a HUGE reaction-both commercially and critically. Over the last few months, the shows viewership has started to decline, but it still managed to bring in 4 Million PLUS viewers every week. The show kept viewers interested-and provoked their thoughts with each new plot twist. Unlike shows like “Lost”-where I dont event think the PRODUCERS knew what the secrets really were-The Event answered every question it brought up-and answered it in a timely manner.

The show did start off almost as two different shows. A Government espionage tale, and a “whodunit” kidnapping show. When the two plot threads eventually started to intertwine – the ride really began taking off.

The action was great, the shows were great, the acting was great-and all around, the show was PHENOMINAL. The only thing that made me turn my TV on on Mondays (Sorry WWE RAW, you still suck).

So, NBC-following up their other amazing descisions (like firing Conan to replace him with the hackjob that is Jay Leno-for one), NBC cancels The Event-ending the show at Episode 22 (which granted, was the planned season finale).

The show ends with the Alien home world appearing in the sky-and the Presidents son running to his mother-asking what it is-and her responding “Home.” (Because she was one of the aliens too…incase you didnt know.)

The storyline for the Event followed that of an alien invasion, but a serious one. This wasn’t the Skyline / Independence Day bullshit we’ve come to expect. This was a cold, calculated and well thought out plan carried out over time. The way I imagine a REAL alien invasion would be. This is why I don’t know if a second season is really NESSECARY to finish the story off…but here’s what I want to see:

Made For TV Movie (either on NBC or someplace like SyFy?)

Made for DVD Movie (bundle it with the Event on Blu Ray?)

Netflix Exclusive Second Season

just some ideas there, but NBC Universal-please, please please…Save The Event.

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