REVIEW: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights #DCAU #GreenLantern

So finally, I’ve gotten around to reviewing the latest DC Universe Animated film to hit stores, and just in time for the live action theatrical film too!


Yes, I’m talking about Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – which was released June 7th on DVD and Blu Ray.


This animated film is the second animated direct-to-dvd DC Animated Universe film to feature the Green Lantern Corps-the first of course being 2009’s “Green Lantern: First Flight”-which served as an animated Hal Jordan origin story. This film isn’t really a sequel to “First Flight”, its a whole new story-featuring a BUNCH of Green Lanterns!


So, does it suck? Click on past the break to find out!


So the film starts off with a new recruit joining the Corps, and being trained by Hal Jordan himself. The films basic plot, is that an ancient evil is about to spring loose from the sun, and destroy the world. So-while they build up that main plot, Hal tells the new Lantern some tales of Lanterns past, giving us the background stories for a bunch of other Lanterns, like Killowog and Abin-sur.


THe movie flows nicely-and is filled with action. The characters are well rounded, and the animation is smooth as silk. It’s probably one of the best LOOKING and SOUNDING DCAU films yet.


The little side stories with all the other Lanterns are interesting-and exposed alot of backstory that non-fans wouldnt really know about. I liked that. I kept the pace of the movie steady-but different at the same time. Much better than the last animated anthology film, “Batman: Gotham Knight”-which was just..blah…


I give Green Lantern: Emerald Knights a 4 out of 5. Great film, and has me ready to see the Ryan Reynolds starring live action film ASAP!

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights #DCAU #GreenLantern

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  2. You were more generous than we were. The stories were not so “weaved”. Hal Jordan telling the new rookie tall (and highly disjointed) tales was a stretch. Especially when they were prompted by random lanterns floating by. We would have preferred a dedicated story, especially after Green Lantern First Flight.

    Here is our takes with lots o’ pics and a little wit if you are interested:

    • i liked Emerald Knights. Granted-I do prefer a single story, as opposed to a bunch of anthology pieces. That was my main gripe with Batman: Gotham Knight-was there was no over arching plot-but it had a lot of good ideas (and anything that casts Kevin Conroy as Batman…yknow..gets points in my book.) The thing I liked best about Emerald Knights was the fact that it had an overarching storyline, WHILE giving us little bits and pieces of the expansive Green Lantern Universe. Was it a perfect flick? Hell no. Was it better than the live action movie? Yeahh…..I’d say so…not by much though.

      Speaking of…am I the only one who wanted Ryan Reynolds to go “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!!!” when he was spouting out random catch phrases to activate the ring?

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