Green Lantern: Brightest Day? or Blackest Night?

So, during my Movie / Power Rangers marathon yesterday…I sat down to watch Ryan Reynolds real super hero “debut” (the guy from Blade Trinity doesnt count.) in GREEN LANTERN. Now, the critics (except for my good friend Rebel Rikki over at NerdyNothings) have pretty much crucified this movie, so-the important question is-what did I think of it? Right? Did the Green Lantern see its Brightest Day…or Blackest Night?

..well..neither…since this was their first time out.

I thought Green Lantern was really good for what it was. The casting of Ryan Reynolds made sense, and I thought he did very well. See, what Warner Brothers figured-is people are going to see Superman or Batman REGARDELESS of whose cast in it. Because its Superman and Batman. Green Lantern? He doesn’t have that type of main stream draw. So you cast an actor who has drawing power in the lead role to make up for it. Bradley Cooper? Chris Pine? Both would of been good choices, but at the time of production-you didnt know EXACTLY who they were just by name. You know Ryan Reynolds though….so it made sense.

With that said. Green Lantern WAS basically “The Hal Jordan Show”. All the characters felt like they were just there-except for Hal Jordan. Hector Hammond was the only other character to get significant development through out the movie. Everyone else just kind of…existed.

The way they did Parralax was freakin’ sweet.

The costume? Ehh…I’ll pass. I understand WHY they did the costumes they way they did, but…meh…I didn’t LIKE them.

Oa looked amazing….

the effects were really good. Although I SWEAR I remember John Stewart in “Justice League” say Green Lanterns couldnt make things like guns or bombs…..which Hal Jordan made…ALOT (he made a damned FLAMETHROWER!)

There is one scene, in which I wish would of been a little longer-even if just for the humor of it. There’s a scene where he’s trying to activate the Lantern, and he spouts off a bunch of catchphrases (kinda like Peter Parker in Spiderman 1). He includes things like “To Infinity..and BEYOND!” and “By the power of Greyskull!!”. I would of preferred a few more quips, because I can totally picture Ryan Reynolds going “ITS MORPHIN’ TIME!” or something like that.

I also wish they would of actually shown somewhat of a selection process…even just little homages-like the ring passing by The Daily Planet (since Clark Kent was to have a cameo in it…..dear god..just think of a Green Lantern Superman) or passing by a building that says Wayne Enterprises. Just little nods like that I would of loved.

Overall, the movie was frantic and extremely fast paced-which was nice since “X-Men First Class” was kind of sludgy and you could FEEL the 2.3 hour time on it. This went by pretty damn quick, and didnt feel rushed at all.

Overall, I’ll give Green Lantern a solid B. Great action, alot of good humor, and an overall good movie.

oh, and if you’d like. You can pick up the animated film “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” (which can be reviewed here) on Blu Ray from for $20! While you’re there, pick up the Movie Masters Hal Jordan figure as well. It’s a pretty bomb figure…



Now on a seperate note…I’ve started reading the leaked Deadpool script…..and all I have to say is: THIS. MOVIE. MUST. BE. MADE! HOLY CRAP! I WANT TO SEE IT NOW! NOW NOW NOW! RYAN REYNOLDS – DONT DO ANYTHING UNTIL DEADPOOL IS MADE!!

for those of us who are fans of Deadpool. Check out the Marvel Select Deadpool figure from Diamond Toys-it’s only $20 on!

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