ADVENT | Backstory

Concept Art for Advent

Here we go everything, here is the overall story of the script / story / eventual film I’m writing, entitled ADVENT. It’s an action packed tokusatsu style concept, based on a comic book idea myself and a friend had called “Zero Hour”. I’ve taken some ideas, and reworked them into a real good armored hero piece. It borrows elements from different comics and different things-such as Kamen Rider and Guyver.


Here it goes. Introducing: ADVENT!


The Backstory




In the distant future, the American Government spends the tax payers dollar on genetic research. Specificially-research involving meshing the genes of a human, with that of extra terrestrial origins. One of the lead benefactors in this type of research is Jonathan Drake, and his company-Xavrael Medical-which is the global leader in genetic engineering. For all the good Xavrael Medical has done-such as finding cures for diabetes and some of the most common forms of cancer-they also have a dark seedy underside to them. Black market deals, back door benefits, Government contracts and a mindset deep within the Occult.


Xavrael Medical stumbled across a weapon during the Roswell crash in the 1950s, a weapon that they have spent decades researching and unlocking. A weapon they call “The Advent Unit”


Based on the translations found within a crashed alien vessel, “The Advent Unit” served as a weapon, by beings only refered to as “The First”. They story of Earth’s history found in the texts discovered are extremely different from what we know and understand. The Earth was created as a breeding ground. A huge living experiment by “The First”-an experiment that was continued on by their very own personal pet projects: Humanity.


Drake and his company discovered this frightening intel, and decided to follow in The First’s footsteps, and continue their unfinished work-force the next phase in Human evolution.


Xavrael Medical locked The Advent Unit away, and began work on what would become known as The Rage Virus. A process that turns humans into what Drake and The First believe are the next steps in human evolution: The Reaper.


Reapers are beastlike monsters, often confused through-out history with werewolves and vampires. A human must undergo an extremely painful genetic process to become a  Reaper.


During Drakes rise to global power, his company bought out every major medical, genetic, and industrial company available. This lead to The Dark War-in which humans who did not want to go in for the Rage Virus treatments were pushed into over crowded ghettos, rounded up and slaughtered. Drake introduced a militant police force, that he called “The Fifth Reich”-to round up the inferior human population. Enter Professor Noah Miller.


Prof. Miller worked side by side with Drake for nearly a decade, responsible for destroying more lives than anyone else on the force. When his son, Zane, was recruited from a local prison camp to under go the Rage Treatment-he had a change of heart. He stole The Advent Unit-and gave it to Zane, locking its power deep within his mind. He staged an accident that seemingly “killed” Zane-who had since bonded with The Advent Unit unknowingly.


After being disposed of as a reject, Zane awakens in a slum. His memory gone-and his only identification a pair of dogtags around his neck that simply read “Zero”.


Zane is assisted by a group of resistance fighters-forced to live in these slums by the Reich. Warren Jameson, a former Marine who acted as the leader of the brigade. A stoic individual who is the first to realize that something isn’t quite right with Zane. He serves as a father figure to Zane-while he unlocks his memory and finds out his destiny, to be the savior of humanity, as an armored warrior known to the masses…as Advent Zero.

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