PODCAST: The #RIMPIRE Strikes Back @sliceofthenet

Hey guys, I just wanted to post the link to my first real podcast with two cool dudes, Gage Castillo and Jonathan Cheong for a website thats coming soon called Sliceofthe.net – check them out when they go live.

This is episode 0 basically, and the three of us talk about RIM, and their future in the tech industry. We make the obvious iPhone / Android comparisons-and we talk about where RIM is going from here, and what their potential options are as far as the future. The Playbook, Playbook 2, future Blackberry devices-and all. Join us wont you on this maiden voyage, and wont you please have a slice…of the net…..

..rubber nipples.


oh and while you listen, hit up my friend at AMAZON.com for all your Crackberry fixes!

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