REVIEW: Transformers 3: How Dark Was The Moon?

So….Michael Bay has finaly completed his Transformers Trilogy. Over the last 4 years (!) there has been 3 Transformers movies. Each of them at varying levels in terms of quality, all of them making huge bank in the box office.

So what did Bay’s finale, “Dark of the Moon” bring to the franchise. Allow me to share with you a mini-review I tweeted late last night, while watching another franchise involving Giant Robots (Power Rangers) and reflecting on Transformers 3.


Yep. That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.


I dont want to say the movie was bad. The first 20 minutes or so was PAINFULLY slow, and painfully boring. The entire pre-opening credits sequence about the moon landing could of been trimmed down-especially since it kept getting re-explained through out the insipid dialogue sprinkled through out the movie. Once you suffered past the first half hour or so of the film-thats where things started to pick up, and the movie devolved further into your standard Michael Bay movie.


My good friend, Eric Garneau (@TheMightyGarn) over at summed the issues with Transformers 3 pretty well, and I pretty much agree with him.


Here’s the deal…go see this movie, the last hour and a half of the movie is great. The action is fantastic, and stuff blows up REAL good. With that said, just go turn your brain off, and enjoy some popcorn during this. Dont expect a deep plot, you’ll have to go to Japan to get giant robots + great plot.


One thing I want to point out-is Optimus Prime goes FREAKING BESERK towards the end, and goes insane and starts ripping off limbs and killing robots. Its AWESOME.

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