Count The Medals: Kamen Rider OOO

you count the medals one two and three…..

I won’t lie, when I first heard the opening theme to “Kamen Rider OOO”-i was IMMEDIATLY turned off. The character seemed overly campy, the premise bizarre (even by Japanese standards…which..well..Gokaiger.) and after watching the first couple of episodes, I chalked OOO up to being the Goseiger of Kamen Rider……the first Rider show i’d skip….

..thank you GOD I decided to give it a second shot.


I sat down and watched the first like, 13 episodes of the show straight one day-and HOLY CRAP am I glad I did. The show was magical and amazing. The characters grew and grew-and were all extremely fun. Eiji became the strong lead, Ankh the lovable asshole. Hina-the sweet and innocent one. Chiyoko-the oblivious one. Dante = Tommy, and Gotou = the apprentice. Kougami was the bizarre boss character who you just loved-because he was so insanely wacky. Once we got Maki’s backstory-he grew from oddball scientist to THE main threat of the series…..Ms. Satonaka was hot…that was about her only purpose…being hot.

and than there were the Gree(e)d’s…..

..all the Greeds started off pretty blah and flat-with the exception of Ankh. They all had their positions, but not one Greed-with maybe the exception of Cazali had any real promise or purpose. They were just there. Meezul was the girl. Uva the rugged veteran-and Gamel was the child. When Lost Ankh was added to the group-he had more personality than Meezul and Gamel combined.

I know I’m jumping around-so forgive me.

The form changes….oh dear god-there were ALOT of form changes. Bandai of Japan is making a FORTUNE off of the SH Figuarts series-just because there are approximately 32908390283092832 different form changes in “Kamen Rider OOO”. His main form-the Red / Yellow / Green combo-known as TaToBa (Ta To Ba…Ta To Ba Ta To Ba!) was the primary function-and it seemed like every other episode he got a new form, from a new combination of core medals. It was insane-but expected, given the premise had Eiji combining random core medals into his powers.

The introduction of Date Akira as the original Kamen Rider Birth was great. The character is so fun and lovable. The 999th and 1000th episode special-with Date as the director are priceless-especially when he sing songs the TaToBa jingle…all in all, the cast was great…

If you get a chance. Go check out TV-Nihon, or Over-Time subs….the series is now done, and we are awaiting the launch of “Kamen Rider Fourze”….check it out…it’s going to be a fun ride….

…..with that said…

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