IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME! 2 – A Retrospective on “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”

If anyone is doubting the value of an $8.99 Netflix Streaming subscription……than I present to you, Exhibit A: All 700 (and 32..) episodes of POWER RANGERS available On Demand. Yes, every episode from “Day of the Dumpster” to “If Venjix Won” (plus 32 “reversioned” episodes….let’s just pretend those don’t exist…k?)

I can watch these episodes from anywhere. My TV, my laptop, my iPhone, my iPad, Karen’s iPad, the store’s iPad…ANY-FREAKING-WHERE-I-DAMN-WELL-CHOOSE. That alone (plus other greats like 90’s Spiderman, 90’s X-Men, Spiderman Unlimited, Rocko’s Modern Life, Invader Zim, Big Bad Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, Family Guy, and a whole crapton of other stuff in my Instant Que….) makes Netflix worth the $9 a month I pay for it. Sure beats buying all that on DVD Blu Ray right? (editors note: i refuse to buy DVDs anymore…it’s Blu Ray or bust.)

So, what does that have to do with this blog? I know, I blogged on this topic a few months ago-when Power Rangers first launched on (and broke) Netflix…so why bring it up again?

Well, because I made a deal with Madison-who is IN LOVE with Power Rangers Samurai, that we would sit down and watch EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. OF. POWER. RANGERS. Guess what? That’s exactly what we did, and exacty what we’re doing. We recently finished up the series-that-started-it-all. “Mighty Morphin”. All three seasons of it (..and the 10 part Alien Rangers arc, which got a separate section for some odd reason?) Looking back on the show, nearly 20 years later…I have some [more] nostalgic thoughts on the show…so let’s dive in-to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers……


“Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” changed kids television forever. It was the first of its kind, and it has truly lasted the test of time.

The basic premise is an intergalactic witch named Rita has awoken-and is planning to conquer Earth. An equally powerful being-Zordon decided to recruit five “over bearing and over emotional humans” to combat said evil. Enter Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly. All very one dimensional, all very simple characters. Throw in some Japanese action show footage-and some mediocre acting. And you have THE franchise of the 90s.

The plot was simple. The acting was…meh. The production was shoddy and the producers (Saban) were CHEAP. .but it somehow worked. MMPR took off like a freight train, and kick started a franchise-and make Haim Saban stupidly rich. As a kid-I ate it up. I loved Power Rangers. I had the toys, the VHS tapes, the shirts, the bedding, EVERYTHING. Everything Saban could slap a Power Rangers logo on-he did. I was first in line for “MMPR: The Movie” when it came out. I absolutely LOVED Power Rangers….

Now, older-and having kids of my own. I have a chance to relive some of that through them. I showed my daughter and episode of Power Rangers Samurai-and she fell in love. From there, its been a [downhill] ride into the wondrous world of the Power Rangers Universe-and I’m loving every minute of it.

Recently, her and I finished watching all 160some-odd episodes of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”. The original 3 season epic that started it all. She loved the show, and it brought back a lot of strong memories. Sure, the acting is bad (looking back on it) and the plots are stupid and ludacris, but the action is still there. Granted the action can be attested to Toei and the Zyuranger footage-but still…

I don’t care what anyone says. “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” is AWESOME. My kids love it-and so do I. The series had its ups (Green With Evil) and downs (I’m Dreaming Of A White Ranger?) and a lot of in betweens. It’s something like the Adam West Batman series. Technically horrible-but is still something that people the world over love (myself included…and I’m the type who likes my Batman borderline Punisher…)

My personal favorite Ranger of the series was Tommy-much like everyone else. He still is my favorite Ranger to this day. He’s the veteran, and when he debuted-he was at least 15 different kinds of bad ass-easially pummeling the Rangers without breaking a sweat. When he lost his powers-it was a truly moving moment-because he was a character you genuinely wanted to see more of. Thankfully-we did (four episodes later) as the White Ranger (which just shows the kind of budget Saban was working with…)

Overall….I loved the series. I recommend it for all the old fans, just to relive their childhoods. It’s no more cheesy or outrageous than Adam West Batman…and its just as fun…with that said…


tune in next time..when we look back…at Power Rangers ZEO

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