THE NEW 52 – My Thoughts

So, over the last month- DC Comics hit the “soft reset” button….Here are my thoughts on each book of The New 52…as well as a quick “Keep”, or “Pass” rating.

I’m going to organize this the way Wikipedia has. The books are set up into different categories…so..let’s get into it!


Justice League

Interesting set up. Batman is a true vigilante, and the league is still forming. It’s a good starter issue. Keep it.
Alot less serious than the main Justice League book. I like the idea of Booster Gold as the leader, but I just dont know if i like the idea of a “Government Sponsored” Justice League. Keep reading it for a few issues, it could either fall flat or be a keeper.
Holy crap. Aquaman is a BAD ASS…seriously. Yes..i just typed “Aquaman is a badass”…im scared too. The story is great. It acknowledges the perception of Aquaman, and does everything an “issue one” is supposed to do. I’m interested in seeing what these creatures from the depth are, and what kind of threat they pose in the New DCU. Keep it.
This book seems to be a little bit more in the Greek Mythology around Wonder Woman, and less in the “real world”. Which is cool. I’m not a fan of Wonder Woman at all…but this was a solid reader. If you’re a fan-keep it. If not, it’s passable.
Not bad. THis is another one that I really didn’t care about before hand. It felt like a solid story. I still dont like Barry Allen being alive again…but besides that it was a fun read. Keep it.
Skip It.….it didnt do anything for me at all…boring and I dislike the character.
It was fun. Gail Simone has earned my respect from her run on Secret Six to let this go a few more issues….Keep It
Fun, quick witted and enjoyable. If you’re a fan of Green Arrow-you’ll enjoy this. Keep It.
Blah. Pass.It feels like you’re thrown in the middle of a storyline head first.
Actually very good. Check it out, you might like it.
Right now. Pass. Deadman is a bland character-and I’m not sure how these “DC Presents” books are going to run.


All of Batman’s history and timeline remains intact. He has been already operating in secret several years before Superman’s public debut. All the Robins have been accounted for, and Barbara Gordonhas spent time as Oracle, recently returning as Batgirl. The stories build on recent developments, and Bruce Wayne is again the only Batman.

With that said, let’s dive into the Batbooks?

HOLY CRAP. Keep it. This was extremely good, and paced very well. It’s building to a much larger storyline, and I’m enjoying where this is going.
Bloody and violent. Probably one of the darker Batman books. I still dont think Tony Daniel should be allowed to write AND draw a book. While I loved “Battle for the Cowl”-it was still a very paint by numbers story. Detective is one of the two books i wish they WOULDNT of renumbered-because it was on its way to Issue 1000. Keep It.
This was interesting. Judd Winick is a great writer, and the art is fantastic. This is the only real after effect of Grant Morrison’s “Batman Inc.”-in which we have the African Batman-known as “Batwing”. The story is definantly going places. Keep it.
I really don’t know WHY this book exists to be honest. Yeah it was fun and an enjoyable read-but it just seems..blah. It’s like they needed another book-and just said “Fuck It. Let’s do another Batman one!” While it was enjoyable. “Batman” and “Batman & Robin” are the main Bat-books. Skip it.
Not as fun as Grant Morrison’s run. I do enjoy the Bruce / Damien aspect, but its not as fun as the Dick / Damien dynamic. Keep it.
I hate Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. I really, REALLY do. I say that because I feel she did SO MUCH MORE as Oracle. Her little mini series during “Battle For The Cowl” showed that. It’s a pass right now.
Fun and exciting. A great way to re-introduce the already popular Batwoman character. Altho I wish Paul Dini was still writing her….Keep It.
HOLY CRAP! I love the new Nightwing book. Partially because I love Nightwing. Dick Grayson is a fantastic character (i even named my son, Grayson after him.) and he feels so much more natural as Nightwing. I did enjoy his run at Batman, but the book goes out of its way to express Dick’s disinterest in being Batman…it also is setting up a nice tie in storyline with the main Batman book, regarding Dick being framed as a murderer. Keep it.
It was fun, sexy, violent…and Batman got laid in the end! I enjoyed it, you might not…Your call.
As you’ll see with like 95% of the team books in the New 52…I’m going to say skip it. Or wait for the trade. It was good, but it didnt do much and only intro’d half the team.
Okay, I know there is alot of heat on this book. But i LOVED it. I actually like Jason Todd alot. He’s a dick, and while his methods do involve killing people-they’re people who DESERVE it. I’m going to say Keep it. Plus holy god. Half naked Starfire….mmmm


These titles are billed as History Happens Now. His marriage with Lois Lane has never happened, he is a bachelor, and his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent have died. Storylines will emphasize his alien nature and how it isolates him from humanity.

I wont lie. I don’t like “Dick Superman”….at all. Action #1 felt rushed, and almost felt like a “cover” of the original storyline. Keep reading for now, because things will pick up….but I dont know. I love Grant Morrison, and I pray this will pick up soon. In Grant I Trust…(PS: This costume sucks)
This is how a fucking Superman story should be. While I dont mind that he and Lois aren’t together anymore-I do like this new dynamic. I also felt some sadness to see the “Classic” Daily Planet go. Keep it. It’s good (PS: This costume is awesome.)
I loved it. I really really did. They’re keeping the clone storyline in tact, but still using him to build a weapon. He’s going to tie nicely into Teen Titans, and I cant wait. Keep it.
I enjoyed it. I’m going to give the book a couple more issues to flesh itself out. Keep for now.

Action Comics’ first story arc details Superman’s rebooted history, while Superman features his present adventures. Superman’s new costume is explained as a ceremonial battle armor that pays tribute to his Kryptonian past.[31]

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern line is not undergoing a reboot. The new storyline instead builds on the aftermath of “War of the Green Lanterns“. Sinestro again becomes a Green Lantern taking Hal Jordan‘s ring,Abin Sur‘s connection to the Indigo Tribe will be explained, and Kyle Rayner will headline a new team whose members represent each of the emotional spectrum.

This pretty much continues where the previous books left off. Sinestro is now a Green Lantern, and Hal is down on his luck…it was interesting enough to keep me wanting to read more…especially because Sinestro doesn’t WANT to be a Green Lantern…Keep It.
The John Stewart / Guy Gardner Buddy Space Cop book. It was…meh. Pass.
Best of the bunch, honestly. It reboots Kyle Rayner, and takes the multi colored Ring Corp concept, and creates the idea of a new “Lantern Super Group”…..It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. Keep it.
Unless you want sensless alien violence. Pass.

Young Justice

Again, another team book that doesnt feature the whole team. Just two characters, Tim Drake’s new Red Robin-and Wonder Girl. It’s a good starting point-and I’m going to keep reading. Keep It.
I actually missed these two books and I care so little about them to download the files….sooo yeah. Figure it out for yourself.
Pass for now. I mean its good-but it doesn’t really DO anything. If issue 2 actually gets the shit going-than I might change my mind.
Another team book where you dont meet everyone. I mean you get little pop ups with everyones stats. But thats it. This DOESNT feel like a Number One….at all. Skip it.
Boring. Skip it.

The Edge

These are primarily war, science fiction, western, or crime comics, including titles formerly belonging to the WildStorm imprint.

Interesting concept…I’m going to give it a couple more issues. When did Martian Manhunter get ressurected after Final Crisis? Or did Final Crisis not happen?
All of these books I missed. I thumbed through Deathstroke, but wasnt impressed.
I also skimmed these two. I’m not a big fan of war comics. Men of War is more like “Call of Duty” while Blackhawks is more like “Gears of War”-if that makes any sense.
Mystique as a Stripper! YAY! Pass.
It was good. Very good. I like this incarnation of Jonah Hex. I dont like the old tyme gunslinger westerns. Its a little modern, early Gotham (WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE IN GOTHAM?) Keep it.

The Dark

This is the billing given to the more supernatural comics, an area that in recent years had been covered more by the Vertigo imprint.

This was..weird. I’m not really sure about it. I’ll give it a few more issues…
Missed these books. I did read a scan of Swamp Thing, and I wasnt impressed. It was no Alan Moore book. Which is sad cuz Scott Snyder is a good writer.
Twilight meets Buffy..and sucks so bad. Skip it.
Shockingly good. A character I knew NOTHING about…so i’ll give it a few more reads… Keep It.
This was sooo good. But is going to get SOOO canceled by the years end. It was a “Magic The Gathering” comic basically-which has it pluses and minues. I enjoyed it, but I know it will be cut soon. Keep it

So there we go guys. My look at (most of) the New 52….

whats awesome is you can pre-order the HARDCOVER trade of this event. All 1200 plus pages on Amazon for 90 bucks (instead of 150)…I preordered mine, and its going to be beautiful. I’m sure after October my titles will drop drastically…

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3 thoughts on “THE NEW 52 – My Thoughts

  1. “I actually missed these two books and I care so little about them to download the files….sooo yeah”

    Wow, as if anyone will listen to someone who illegally downloads things.

    And wow, I,Vampire is Twilight meets Buffy? Why? Because there are vampires in it? Did you even read it? That’s just ridiculous.

    You’re a Kamen Rider fan, right? What is your attitude when people see that and think back to the 90’s Masked Rider [probably all they’ve seen of it] or the Power Rangers, and write all of Kamen Rider off as silly kiddie shows for babies? Because, well, it’s a man in a suit fighting a monster in a suit, so it’s the same thing, right?

    • Thanks for the comment Bill.

      1) i buy my comics. Usually from my LCS-however i do also read a few titles via the official comics app on my iPad. As you know Marvel and DC both have apps where you can legally download comics and pay for then. Ive used this service for a couple books my LCS were sold out of.

      The characters interested me so little-i didnt even wajtto take the time to boot up my iPad, click my Books folder, click DC Comics and download / purchase it. Sorry if i wasnt clear.

      Yes. I am a Kamen Rider fan, and yes-alot of people hear it and think of Saban’s Masked Rider from the 90s. They liken all toku to Power Rangers. I usually show them a few episodes of Double-and they realize its more than that. No biggie.

      As far as I, Vampire goes-thats what it felt lime to me. Keep in mind-i was never a fan of shows like Buffy or Angel. I plan on giving it a read for the next couple issues-but it just wasnt my cup of tea. I know im not alone in the Buffy/Twilight theory-as my friend Rebel Rikki over at NerdyNothings said the same thing. To each their own….

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