A Modern Da Vinci – Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Leonardo Da Vinci was considered a genius of his time. Light years beyond what anyone else could even conceive. He has been heralded as one of the greatest men of science of any era-and now he has his rival in the after life.


Last night, I was settling down at church, when my iPhone went off.

I was shocked. “No way!” i thought, as instead of checking Engadget, or TiPB, or CNN, or any real “news” source-the first thing I did was click my folder for Social, and click the app for TweetBot-and load up my Twitter Timelime. Sure enough, after sifting through several hours worth of tweets from throughout the day-I finally hit one. “Steve Jobs has died.”

I didn’t know how to respond…..so I re-tweeted a few things other people had said. I was shocked. Dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. My first real comment on this was from Facebook-some 14 hours ago.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. Without you, you were a revolutionary and a visionary. Without you-smartphones would NOT be where they are today. Without you and iOS, Android would not be where it is today. Windows Phone 7 would not be where it is today. webOS would not exist. Without Steve Jobs, the personal computer industry would be a shantytown compared to what it is now. There would be no innovation-only regurgitation of boring tired rhetoric. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs….you will be missed

Than a few hours later, on Google+

The only Steve Jobs thing ill say on G+ tonight. I am an Apple fan. I live in an Apple house-so to speak. My Macbook is the best computer ive ever bought. I own two iPads, 2 iPhone 4s and an Apple TV.

Apple will carry on without Steve. I am sad hes gone, but i believe the company i love is in good hands. RIP Steve Jobs

and a follow up this morning.

Ok one more Steve Jobs thing: reading comic books while pooping – so much easier now that i read comics almost exclusivly on my iPad. Thank you Steve.

While I obviously didn’t know Steve Jobs personally, I did respect his work. Even before I lived in the “Appleverse”-I knew he produced a fine product. When I purchased the very Macbook I use to write this post, I knew I made a wise, WISE, investment in my own future. I knew the minute I put my hands on an iPad, I knew it was the future. And it is. Be honest, there is NO Tablet Market. I don’t care what Verizon tells you. It’s an iPad Market, and a bunch of pretenders. Be honest, and until a tablet can have the same pressence and simplistic elegance as an iPad-it will STILL be second best.

Everytime I do something on my iPhone, I know it’s just going to work. I don’t worry about Force Closing like when I had my Droid or Droid X…i know its all just going to work. Apple innovated, they truly did. Without the iPhone, we wouldn’t have Android. I know fanboys will flame me for that-but face it. Android was going to be a Windows 6 clone and look like a Blackberry. Until Mr. Jobs unveiled that magical piece of plastic and glass called an iPhone. The game was changed.

Thank you Steve. Thank you for everything you have done for technology. Thank you for innovating, and making others follow suit. Thank you for being a leader in a world of followers. Thank you Steve…..your legacy will continue on. The S in the iPhone 4s by my book, stands for Steve.

-Johnathan Olesen

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