PODCAST: Nerdy Nothings #14 – @nerdynothings #New52 + Coming Soon!

So I appeared on the newest episode of the NerdyNothings.com Podcast with Eric and Davin. We talked about The New 52, Tokusatsu, DC Animation, played a hillarious game of “Quotes”-and so much more. Had a blast with these guys, and I hope to be apart of the show again.

Check it out after the break!




Also, expect the following posts SOON:

It’s Morphin Time: Power Rangers Zeo

The next part of my analysis of the “Power Rangers” Franchise, where I focus on “Power Rangers: Zeo”

DVD REVIEW: “Batman: Year One” (2011)

I have my review copy, now its just a matter of watching it and getting ready to review. šŸ™‚

SHORT REVIEW: “Catwoman” (2011)

The included DC Universe Short for “Batman: Year One”

Look Back @ Batman: The Brave & The Bold

Brave and the Bold is done (overseas, still a few more episodes to air in the States I believe)-and I’m going to take the time to sit down and give my retrospective on the series, much like my look back on Kamen Rider OOOs

Until next time kids!

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