REVIEW: “Catwoman” DC Universe Animated Short (2011)

So, we have our latest DC Universe Animated movie released this month, in the long awaited “Batman: Year One“. Which is a review we will get to later.

Ever since “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” a couple years back-there have been little 15 minute long animated shorts, expanding on some characters who probably couldn’t carry their own feature (Jonah Hex, The Spectre, etc). This time, since we are in a Batman film-we get a feature on Catwoman. Which, considering the way she was portrayed in The New 52, this short was released with perfect timing.

The story begins with a pair of thugs chasing a cat. and shooting at it. in traffic. Yes, I’ll give you a minute for that to sink in.


The cat escapes, and we see it being coddled by none other than Catwoman herself. She removes its collar and reads an inscription. We follow the thugs to a Strip club (ironically named the Kitty Club or something), and we get an entertaining dance from nameless stripper in red. Catwoman breaks into the club, and proceeds to kick the shit out of three villians. The chase is on, ¬†and Catwoman stumbles across what appears to be a human trafficking organization full of strippers. She free’s them, kicks the crap out of more bad guys, and that’s pretty much it.

Not the deepest plot ever. Right?

All in all, it was one of the better shorts. We get a fun little Catwoman adventure. The story wasnt developed at all, but we found out enough to keep the 15 minutes entertaining. Great little appetizer-but tune in next blog for the main course: Batman: Year One….

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