REVIEW: Green Lantern: The Animated Series “Beware My Power!”


…In Brightest Day

In Blackest Night

So Evil Shall Escape My Sight

Let Those Who Worship Evils Might

Beware My Power

Buzz Lightyears Light….

…wait what?

Last night was the one hour “premiere event” for Green Lantern: The Animated Series – a new show on Cartoon Network, part of their upcoming “DC NATION” block. This sneak peak event was the first two episodes, edited together to form a one hour “movie” type show. The actual series is scheduled to debut as part of the one hour DC Nation block on Cartoon Network-in early 2012 (toys and moquettes are shipping as early as January…so expect the show to officially launch around than too). The show will be officially paired with “Young Justice” (which if you aren’t watching….you need to be. Awesome.) as the “DC Nation” block on Cartoon Network. The block will also feature little shorts during commercials. Some look fun, some look….well………bad.

So let’s dive into the adventures of Hal Jordan, Killowog, and the animation debut of the Red Lantern Corps.

The show follows the plot of a bunch of “Frontier Lanterns”-GL’s placed on the outskirts of the universe-being attacked and killed. Against the Gaurdians orders, Hal Jordan and Killowog steal a new starship and head to the outer most reaches of the galaxy to attend to the issue at hand. This is where they run into 2 Red Lanterns-and their leader, Atrocitus. Lots of action ensues.

The voice acting is fine for what it is. The animation takes a LITTLE BIT TO GET USED TO. It reminds me of the Buzz Lightyear cartoon that Disney aired several years ago. All in all, it was a fun show-and with the way the Red Lanterns are portrayed (and the fact that we see two GL’s get KILLED, literally. Dead.) shows that this show isn’t being written for young kids like other shows (*cough*power rangers samurai*cough*) and is being written for fans of the character-much like Young Justice is written a little bit older than most other cartoons.

Overall, Green Lantern will be a great replacement for Batman: The Brave & The Bold, the show feels fluid, and hopefully will expand on the GL universe-in the way that Batman: TAS expanded on the Batman universe established in Tim Burton’s two Batman films. There was no origin for this series-because I think its supposed to follow the movie a little. Loosely that is-in the same vein that Batman: TAS, was in continuity with the Burton films.

Check it out. Fun show, can’t wait for it to get going!

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