TOKU REVIEW: Gokaiger x Goseiger x Super Sentai: 199 GREAT HERO BATTLE

So way back in 2009, Toei decided to do something crazy with their Kamen Rider franchise. That crazy thing-was the world hoping-continuity-forgetting-homage-to-every-past-Rider-clusterfuck of awesome that was Kamen Rider Decade.

Now, three years later-it’s 2011..and Toei is doing it again, except this time-it’s with their Super Sentai franchise.

During the second half of Goseiger, Toei announced plans for the 35th Super Sentai. An anniversary series-celebrating 35 years of Super Sentai. It would involve past heroes coming back, or their powers being used, or…SOMETHING…we weren’t sure. The more people talked, the more it sounded like Decade for Sentai. This was one of those things that divided a fandom. Decade is either loved or hated by the fandom-and a Sentai version? Oh good lord….fireworks were due.

Than they said it would involve Pirates….


Thus, January 2011-oddly enough, the same weekend as the premiere of “Power Rangers: Samurai”-we were given the 35th Super Sentai…KAIZOKU SENTAI GOKAIGER.

and it quote Bat-mite from “Batman: The Brave & The Bold”…….AWESOMESAUCE!

So fast forward, the first of now THREE Gokaiger theatrical movies has finally been released on DVD / Blu Ray in Japan-and thus, the fan subs have been released with it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you. The 2011 Sentai Versus movie….


Let’s make a show of it!

That picture right there, should summarize how insanely epic this movie is. It’s 90 odd minutes of Ranger Porn. Seriously, its GLORIOUS. The plot makes about as much sense as “Let’s Go Kamen Rider”-which was also epic…especially compared to “All Riders vs Dai Shocker”..which I actually enjoyed thank you very much (i love me some Decade.)

Before I get into the movie: i want to say this. I LOVE GOKAIGER. Seriously, holy crap…it’s my third full Sentai series (although I really wish I could forget Goseiger…), so this review is a bit biased. However, my love for Gokaiger is equally match by my loathing hatred for Goseiger. Let’s see how they played together-shall we?

The film opens off with the LEGENDARY WAR, which basically gives us an expanded cut of the opening scene to Gokaiger.  After that awesomeness, we get AkaRanger finally giving the kamikaze command-which wipes out the first wave of the Zagnyack fleet. The Goseigers wake up, and are met by BoukenRed, ShinkenGold (GENTA!!), ShinkenGreen (CHIAKI!!!) and a couple other past heroes who escape me-because I either don’t remember their Gokaiger episode…or don’t care. We need more Genta and Chiaki….altho Gai is kinda Genta lite…..

anyways..moving along. We fast forward a few years, and the Zagnyack are at it again-and being beaten by the Gokaigers at every turn. Enter the Black Cross King-the villain from Goranger. He makes a deal with Walz Gils and steals the Gokaigers Ranger Keys-but not before Alata and the Goseigers steal their Ranger Keys (and Gosei Knight’s too) from the Gokaigers as well. Black Cross King sends the Rangers to random areas in pairs. Captain Marvelous and Alata (Gosei Red), get sent to building and do battle with  villain from Goseiger.  As GoseiBlue, GoseiPink, Ahim and Don (Gokai Pink and Green) get sent somewhere else and do battle with a villain from Go-Onger (whom I only recognized as one of Venjix’s forms from RPM….sad..I know…) and the remainders, GoseiPink, GoseiBlack, Joe and Luka (Gokai Blue and Yellow) get sent another place-and face a third old villain whose series escapes me Dagon from Magiranger. As per usual, all the teams are successful after they learn to work together.

After that, they come back to a clearing-where Black Cross King is waiting with his secret weapon. gun that uses the Ranger Keys he stole to make mindless clones of all the past Sentai….

yes. The Gokaigers and Gokaigers must fight off EVERY PAST RANGER….its as awesome as it sounds, and we even get a fun little nod to Power Rangers fans….


The battle rages on. We see the Pink Rangers battle all the past Pink. Blues vs Blues, Yellows vs Yellows, Blacks and Greens vs Black and Greens…and Reds vs Reds…

After that, Black Cross King comes back-and grows large size. The keys glow, and all the past Sentai return AGAIN, and give the Rangers a GIANT CANON OF DOOM, which they use to blast BCK into oblivion. They celebrate, as he comes back FOR A THIRD TIME as a giant spider of DOOM-destroying the city and terrorizing humankind. They summon their Zords (GokaiOh, Grand Gosei Oh, and Gosei Knight’s zord) and they’re pretty much useless. In pretty much a repeat of “Let’s Go Kamen Rider”-the humans cheering of the Rangers gives them power, and the most epic thing ever happens:


Black Cross summons giant minions, and the battle ensues. It’s pure joy, watching a bunch of past Megazords kick ass. Suck on that Forever Red!

Anyways…you can probably figure out the ending. BCK is defeated, the Goseigers return their keys, and we move toward the next adventure-as well as get a glimpse of GOOOKKAAAAIII…………SIILLVAAAHH!!!!!! (aka Genta Jr.) they did this because USUALLY these Versus movies feature a cameo of the next Ranger team-but it’s a bit early to reveal that during a movie that fits in continuity wise-around Episode 11 or so…hence the upcoming Gokaiger vs Gavan film which will act as the official “Versus” movie for Gokaiger.

ANGRY FANBOY RANT: I will enjoy Gokaiger vs Gavan, because I love Gokaiger… but it really doesn’t make sense-unless Toei plans on reviving Metal Heroes (and by all means Toei, the more toku i have to watch means the less shitty American TV i’ll watch…) – which they tried to do in the 2000s….TWICE (both Kamen Rider Ryuki, and Kamen Rider Hibiki were originally planned as Metal Hero series, not Kamen Rider)..I would of much preferred…Gokaiger vs DECADE! Come on, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!

All in all, its a GREAT MOVIE. Pure fun, and awesomeness….go see it. NOW!

4 thoughts on “TOKU REVIEW: Gokaiger x Goseiger x Super Sentai: 199 GREAT HERO BATTLE

  1. This movie takes place after Ep. 16 cause Ahim mentions the goseigers and they mention the new grand powers they got. Sorry, i’m nerdy lol

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