Power Rangers Samurai is FREAKING HUGE.

Seriously. It’s not the hulkamania levels of popular that “Mighty Morphin'” was in the 90s, but jesus christ, “Samurai” is doing very well in the ratings (that Saturday @ Noon timeslot is HIGHLY coveted…) and the toys are selling EXTREMELY well. Probably the first Bandai of America toyline that DOESNT SUCK COMPLETLY, at least in a VERY long time.


Sure, the shows acting is meh. The storyline is almost a word for word translation of “Shinkenger”-but its still a HELL of a lot better than most of the Disney seasons (by most, I mean all…except Dino Thunder and RPM..maybe SPD..)..but whatever. The show is working as far as Saban and Bandai of America are concerned-and that’s fine by me.

It’s doing SO well, that for the first time EVER, Bandai of America has reached out to the mothership, Bandai of Japan-and via Toys R Us-is importing Japanese figures for Power Rangers….[editors note: Actually, a lot of the original MMPR toys were more or less imports of the Japanese DX versions]

Now, I’m not talking about just using the molds and slapping a Power Rangers logo on it, I’m talking about the literal, exact packaging, exact wording, exact EVERYTHING from the Japanese….Yes. It’s true…Toys R Us is stocking Bandai of Japan’s super articulated, insanely awesome (and equally expensive) SH Figuarts line. At least the Shinken Red (aka Jayden, the Red Samurai Ranger) and Shinken Gold (Antonio, the Gold Ranger) figures. Now, Thanks to Toys R Us, I have a new addiction, and my wallet (and wife..) hate me for it.

I am addicted to SH Figuarts, and TRU is the perfect gateway drug into this horrible money siphoning addiction of mine.

Now let’s be clear. These figures are NOT CHEAP and they are NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN. They contain SEVERAL [dozen] small pieces that can and WILL be lost very easily.

The TRU figures, which are about 99% untouched from the Japanese stockrooms. The only difference is the instruction manual is in ENGLISH, and theres a UPC sticker on the bottom with a Saban Brands logo-are $35. That’s relatively cheap for a Figuart. Hardcore collectors expect to pay ALOT MORE.

These figures are AMAZING. I now own three (waiting on my ShinkenGold from my friend Cal…whose movie I will be reviewing soon..). They’re so stupidly awesome, and I must buy more. Take a look at this ridiculous photo gallery of my newest addiction..and newest hobby-TOY PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

..i’m helpless..aren’t i….

PS: Just for a sense of price…my Kamen Rider Double FangJoker form cost me $37 (shipped), and my Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotions form cost me around $43 shipped. Once again, these are EXTREMELY GOOD PRICES for these figures, and I got  HUGE deal. The deals are out there, you just have to find them….

If you want to check out more of my Toy Photos, check out my new site PARIAH PICTURES..which can be found by directing your browser window to – check them out!

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