Retrospective: Daria (97-02)

So, my Christmas presents were few and far between last year-but one present that I did get, that immediately got open and tore into was “Daria: The Complete Animated Series” on DVD (sadly, no blu ray.).

Now I’ll be the first to say this: I hate MTV. I loathe MTV. I despise everything MTV stands for. I thought-and still do-that “Beavis and Butthead” was one of the single most redundant and intellectually void creations of the 90s. Think about that for a second, when you consider this is the same decade people kept giving Rob Liefeld work in comics. So yes, Beavis and Butthead were INCREDIBLY stupid to surpass that on my list of “things I hate about the 90s”. Which is sad, because I am a child of 90s and proud of it.


One thing did come from that blood curdling brain enema that was “Beavis and Butthead”, and that was the spin-off show-that smartly severed all ties with the aforementioned blunder twins-that spin off show was: Daria.

At the end of B&B’s run, MTV opted to give the Daria character its on show-barring the result of a five minute pilot that was produced. The show took off like gangbusters, and at one point was MTV’s highest rated show. Ever.

The characters were strong, and the content intelligent. I still don’t know what exact demographic they were reaching for-besides “teenagers / young adults”. I could see the idea that the show was aimed at girls, and I could argue that point as well. I don’t think the producers cared really. The show was fun, witty, and intelligent-a complete 180 from B&B.

The show had a lot of influence on me growing up. I always kind of felt like an outcast in school. I knew a lot of people, had a lot of aquatances-but very few real friends. I would often wind up alone with my music or writing, not really caring too terribly much for the outside world around me. The show really spoke to that feeling. I tried to catch it on MTV, and than got re-aqquainted with the show when it made the jump to syndication, and began airing on The N…granted those episodes were like the TBS episodes of “Family Guy”. Horribly butchered almost to the point of breaking.

I managed to pirate the complete series, in grainy SDTV rips several years ago, but as I mentioned, I received the complete DVD set (official) for Christmas. Its AWESOME. Fairly cheap, and has quite a few extras. The only complaint is the incidental music used in the show. Pretty much anything that wasn’t done by Splendora (or whoever did the stuff for Mystik Spiral)-has been cut out and replaced with stock music. I don’t particularly mind this, because the IMPORTANT music was left intact.

All in all, re-watching this series brought back so many great memories for me. Its really made me think back to high school, and start pondering what I would of changed (a lot) about the way I went through the rate maze. I absolutely love this show, and recommend it to everyone. The DVD set is fairly cheap (around 25-30 bucks most places) for 8 DVDs of AWESOME. I haven’t checked out the bonus material yet, but overall-just for having the complete series, in the best video quality available, its totally worth it.

5 out of 5.

2 thoughts on “Retrospective: Daria (97-02)

    • I’m 25.

      Yeah, the box set is nice-and not TOO expensive. Around $30 if you look around (8 DVDs)

      If you have Hulu Plus, the entire series is on Hulu Plus, no movies though. The DVD box includes both movies.

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