JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM | A #CreativeCommons Review!

Justice League Doom (2012)

Release Date: 2-28-2012 (DVD / Blu Ray / On Demand / Digital)

STUDIO: Warner Premiere / DC Entertainment

SOURCE MATERIAL: “Justice League: Tower of Babel” storyline



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Justice League Doom is the first of 3 DC Universe Animated Films due out this year. The film reunites the DCAU Voice Cast for Justice League / Justice League Unlimited-as well as brings back Nathan Fillion for Hal Jordan. I’m not super big on the Justice League films, just because I think there are usually too many characters for the 75-80 minute run time these movies get. However, all you have to say is “Kevin Conroy is Batman and Tim Daly is Superman” and I’m sold.

The movie is fast paced, and to the point. The basic idea is that Vandal Savage has recruited foes from each member of the League-and has stolen some contingency plans from Batman himself-incase the League were to ever go rogue. This sets off a series of attacks on the League members-and allows Savage to launch his master plan-which is more or less destroy the Earth (or rather, half of it…) to build his new world order (cue porno music)

Anyways, the plot unfolds and the JLA saves the day as usual. I’m not going to get into deep deep plot details-because frankly-I want you to go see this movie. I usually get press copies from Warner Brothers, but this is one of the cases where I’m going to go out on February 28th and buy it on Blu Ray….It’s that good. It’s up there with “Under The Red Hood” as my pick for best DCAU movie yet. The plot is tight and too the point. The action is fast and furious, the heroes don’t look too overpowered (Superman…) and we see some real character growth from everyone.

If the art style looks familiar, thats because the same art designers who designed the characters for Young Justice designed these models. They’re good, although its still weird hearing Conroy voice a Batman that doesn’t look like the TAS / DCAU version (even catch myself with a wtf look when playing Arkham City).

With that said, the art is beautiful. The character designs are nice-and the animation is fluid.

We also get the animation debut of Cyborg, which is cool. He’s taken a real focal point in the New 52-so it’s nice to see him included in this movie.

Overall, its a buy. My screener didn’t come with any bonus materials, but Amazon.com says we get a preview of the next film – “Superman versus The Elite”, which is based on the “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & The American Way” storyline. George Newburn will be reprising his role from Justice League / Justice League Unlimited as Superman. He took the role over from Tim Daly, who did Superman: TAS. Their voices are pretty much interchangeable-they sound so much alike.

Go buy this movie now. Pre-order it from Amazon, get the blu ray. Don’t delay, its a good one-and TOTALLY worth the cash.

Five out of Five.

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